Convert txt to bmp and add watermark singly and in batches

DOC to Any Converter Command Line can not only help you convert txt to bmp singly and in batches, but also help you add watermark on bmp during one process. The following paragraphs can tell you more.

Click the following link, the zip file can be download, then you need to extract the content to your computer in order to start DOC to Any Converter Command Line later:

Then, please do the followings to open the command prompt window in your computer, for it is the operating environment of DOC to Any Converter Command Line:

click “start” to open start menu, then click “Run” on start menu, and you can get dialog box of “Run”, then please type “cmd.exe” in this dialog box, at last, please click “OK” in dialog box.

After you open the command prompt window, please refer to the following command lines to convert txt to bmp and add watermark on bmp singly and in batches:

doc2any.exe -wtext "Watermark %PageNumber% of %PageCount%" "d:\input\example1.txt" d:\output\example1.bmp

doc2any.exe -wtext "Watermark %PageNumber% of %PageCount%" "d:\input\*.txt" C:\output\*.bmp

The former example is about the single process, and the latter example is about the batch process, where you need to know some details:

  • doc2any.exe represents the path of “doc2any.exe”, which is used to launch DOC to Any Converter Command Line
  • -wtext "Watermark %PageNumber% of %PageCount%" is a parameter that edits content of watermark as “Watermark page number of page count”, where page number of page count is a dynamic value, which can be varying along with the page number, for instance, on the page of bmp, there will be a watermark named “Watermark 1 of 1”
  • "d:\input\example1.txt" is the path of single txt file, which is typed for adding it for this process
  • d:\output\example1.bmp is the targeting path for saving bmp file
  • "d:\input\*.txt" is the uniform path with “*” as filename representing all txt files in folder “input” added to be converted later
  • C:\output\*.bmp is the uniform targeting path with “*” as filename, which is inputted for saving all bmp files in folder “output”

To realize the production of bmp after the command line like above is typed, please click “enter” in command prompt window.

To know more parameters about editing watermark, you can go to the homepage of DOC to Any Converter Command Line through this link: For any doubts about the process to convert txt to bmp and add watermark on bmp in batches, please leave your comment here.

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