Convert PDF to vector SWF

Want to know how to convert PDF to vector – PDF to SWF through command line? Please do not go away and keep reading this article here.

First, our main tool here is PDF to Vector Converter, which is a professional command line tool to help you convert PDF files to vector files singly or in batches. And you need to download package of PDF to Vector Converter here and unzip the content to your computer. Then you can refer to the followings to convert PDF file to vector file  – PDF file to SWF file through command line by yourself:

1. Run command prompt

Click start in your computer > select Run on start menu > type cmd and click OK in pop dialog box, then command prompt could be opened automatically.

2. Refer to the usage of PDF to Vector Converter and the examples to accomplish your own conversions

  • Usage:

pdf2vec.exe [options] <PDF> <vector>

pdf2vec.exe – path of “pdf2vec.exe”

[options] – optional parameters for editing options of vector

<PDF> – path of PDF file

<vector> – path of vector file

  • Examples:

d:\pdf2vec_cmd\pdf2vec.exe c:\in1.pdf c:\out1.swf

d:\pdf2vec_cmd\pdf2vec.exe e:\in2.pdf d:\out2.swf

d:\pdf2vec_cmd\pdf2vec.exe d:\in3.pdf f:\out3.swf

If you want to know the situation of command line in command prompt, here is the example you could refer to:

command prompt example containing command line

(note: you need to type command line of one conversion one time in command prompt singly according to the usage above)

Once you click enter after all the prepared work is done like above, PDF to Vector Converter will provide you with perfect quality vector file of SWF.

If you want to use command line to convert PDF to vector – PDF to SWF in command prompt in batches or editing SWF properties etc., besides the ones singly, please go to VeryDOC Knowledge Base. Also for more questions here, please contact support team.

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