After I convert my PDF file to Postscript file, how can I view the resultant PS file?

When we talk about this topic,we can’t help thinking out what is postscript,and how do we use is the acronym of is developed by Adobe company and is a programmable printer control language(PCL).The so-called “PostScript” printer we usually see is the printer supports “PostScript” language.

.ps file means it has been processed by “PostScript” language,it can be directly printed out.

The most important use is to describe  graph in a device-independent way.So it can be printed out at any print.And it also can be used to sketch on computer screen and other device,the ps file will be displayed on the screen.

So it is popular among the net,GostScript is one of its interpreters.

Next we can use “pdf2vec_cmd” carry out our conversion.One thing should be remembered is that we should install a “GostScript”.Example(result):


After we do the conversion,we will see a file with extension .ps,open the file we will get the destination,here we go.

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