How could we convert odp to flash with DOC to Any Converter Command Line?

ODP is a format of OpenOffice Impress documents which is similar to Microsoft PowerPoint, where ODP file is able to view, edit and save files in several file formats. ‘*. odp’ is a file extension of OpenOffice. org Impress document. And DOC to Any Converter Command Line could be applied in MS-DOS system.

So first, please open MS-DOS of Windows system:

  • click [start] button, on start menu please choose [Run] by clicking it, then input [cmd] and click [ok] in the dialog box.

Run DOC to Any Converter Command Line in MS-DOS system:

  • jump to root directory: input [cd\] and click [Enter];
  • jump to directory of disk [doc2any.exe] located: for here doc2any.exe is located in disk D, input [D:]and click [Enter];
  • to prepared to use DOC to Any Converter Command Line: input [doc2any.exe] path, then click [space];

C:\Documents and Settings\admin>cd\



prepare the source file route and target folder route with customized name of flash file for the conversion:

  • input source path, and click [space];
  • input objective folder path;
  • input[\] and customized flash name users want;
  • input [.swf]>click [Enter] of keyboard;

"C:\abc\aabbcc slide.odp” D:\output\flash.swf

      or you can also input ‘flash%.swf’ to get all each page of odp converted into separated swf file for each slide.

      to convert another odp to flash, please repeat these steps below.

Shut down MS-DOS dialog box:

click [exit] button of MS-DOS dialog box. This is the end of processing odp to flash

You could previewed in web browsers, where users could zoom in it or zoom out to preview it by clicking right button of mouse to choose.

Thank you for refering to this article.

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