How to burst PDF file to single page SWF file?

If you want to burst PDF to SWF of single page, PDF to Flash Converter can help you with that in Windows platforms. You can find more details in following paragraphs.

1. Installation

Please click here so that a zip file can be downloaded on your computer, then please open it and extract the content to your computer, then from this moment on, PDF to Flash Converter can be used on your computer.

2. Process

After installation, please follow steps below to open environment of PDF to Flash Converter:

click “Windows + R” hotkey > input “cmd.exe” in edit box of “Run” dialog box > click “Ok”

Then, in command prompt window, which is running environment of PDF to Flash Converter, you need to do the followings to accomplish this process from PDF to SWF on your computer:

  • Input the path of “pdftoflash.exe” in order to launch PDF to Flash Converter in command prompt window, then please click “space” there in order to type other commands later
  • Type the parameter “-swfburst” in order to burst PDF to single page SWF files with PDF to Flash Converter, then one click need to be on “space” button for other commands, too
  • Add source PDF file: please type the path of this PDF file in command prompt window directly, or just drag and drop this PDF file into command prompt window directly, then please get one click on “space” button
  • Type a targeting path in command prompt window in order to save these SWF files later
  • At last, you need to click “enter” in command prompt window so that PDF to Flash Converter can process this task successfully

Here is an example about this process below:

F:\pdftoflash_cmd\pdftoflash.exe -swfburst D:\input.pdf D:\output.swf

By now, after you get the method to convert PDF to SWF with PDF bursted into single pages SWF files, you can log on website of PDF to Flash Converter from here if you want to get more information of PDF to Flash Converter. For some concerns about this process, you can leave your comment here, we will give you a perfect reply.

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