PDF to Vector output file naming, how to remove page number from the output filenames?

Dear Support,

We are looking for application for batch converting vector PDF to vector WMF files. Your "PDF to Vector" application seems to be good for this task and we are considering to buy it, however, during testing, I have found one disturbing behavior of your software. Let me explain what we want to achieve: There are an increasing number of PDF files generated by our CAD software. Every such PDF has drawing on page 1 and then description table on page 2. We want to extract Page 1 only and convert it to WMF file for pasting them to technical documentation. I have used loop command in test script in a form:

FOR %%a in (*.pdf) DO e:\pdf2vec\pdf2vec.exe -firstpage 1 -lastpage 1 %%a %%~na.wmf

At first glance, everything works fine, but every output file has changed it's name by adding "001" to it.


We have input files:


And we are expecting


Instead of this we got:


I have looked for clue in your support page but with no luck.
Yes, we can add part removing "001" from output file names to PDF converting script, but maybe there is option forcing to use exact file name, without adding page number. We have hundreds of PDF files to convert and many of that files have sequence "001" in names already, so adding anything to it's names make a mess.

Kind Regards
Please add "-noextname" option to try again,

-noextname : don't append suffix to filename of first page

for example,

FOR %%a in (*.pdf) DO e:\pdf2vec\pdf2vec.exe -noextname -firstpage 1 -lastpage 1 %%a %%~na.wmf

We hope this option will work fine to you, please add it to try again.


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