Make PDF to XPS and Set Color Mode

To save ink, some of you may want to convert a color PDF into XPS in black and white. VeryDOC PDF to Vector Converter is a professional tool which can help you easily and quickly make PDF to XPS and set color mode via a single command line.

VeryDOC PDF to Vector Converter is designed for servers and developers. But if you are a single personal user, you can also try the free version. Want to try it? Click PDF to Vector Converter to download the tool. After decompress the ZIP file, you can do as follows:

1. Open a command prompt window

According to different operating systems, different ways may be required to open a command prompt window. For example, if under Windows XP, you can do as follows:

  • Click Start in the left down corner on your screen.
  • On the menu that appears, select Run. Then the Run dialog box pops up.
  • Type cmd or CMD in the edit box in this dialog box and press Enter. The command prompt window appears and you can proceed to the next step.

2. View the basic usage and options

The basic usage of the executable file is as follows:

Usage: pdf2vec.exe [options] [Options] <PDF Files>

The option that can help you set color mode is -color <int>. Two parameter values are provided: 1 stands for monochrome and 2 presents color. If you want to other options such as option for compression, and option for resolution, you can type the directory of the executable file and file name in the command prompt window and press Enter, e.g., C:\pdf2vec_cmd\pdf2vec.exe

3. Type a command line and press Enter

Please type a command line based on the usage illustrated above. The following are two examples which may be helpful. The first example can convert one PDF to XPS and the result XPS is black and white. The second one is for batch conversion and the result XPS files maintain the original color.

  • C:\pdf2vec_cmd\pdf2vec.exe –color 1 D:\origional.pdf E:\target.xps
  • C:\pdf2vec_cmd\pdf2vec.exe –color 2 D:\*.pdf E:\*.xps

Please press Enter after type a command line. Then, you can check out the result files.

I hope VeryDOC PDF to Vector Converter can help you solve your problems. In case you want to buy it, and take a look at the price list, please visit the webpage of VeryDOC PDF to Vector Converter.

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