I have a PDF file, I want to edit it, can I convert it to Word first? Then convert modified Word document to PDF file again?

“Yes, you can reach those aims but as far as I know you need  tools to help you. One software I have used and feel that it is good for me.-VeryDOC PDF to Word Converter It can convert the pdf to word then you can edit it in the word document. Then modified Word document can c0nvert to pdf file by this software-Document Printer v5.0. This one has been used by my friends and it is quite helpful. You can download it from here. http://www.verypdf.com/artprint/index.html#dl.

 VeryDOC PDF to Word Converter was researched by VeryDOC who is  aim to make a family of file conversion tools products, then enable both end users and developers to batch convert content to a number of industry-standard vector, raster and text formats. VeryDOC also offers custom engineering services to tailor a conversion solution to meet customers unique requirements. Their software is used by some of the world's finest companies for a wide variety of applications across many industries.

At first let’s see the  VeryDOC PDF to Word Converter’s function. It can convert pdf file to word document easily. I will show you by examples. Figure 1 is the interface of this software. I have marked the function menus in blue and noted how to use part of them.


Then allow me show you how I use it. Maybe you can have your own ways. I draged the file to the blanks and it showed like the following picture. If you are confused, please have a look of the note. They are maybe helpful.


After I chose the menus and converted it. A word document bounced to the screen in the open status.The content of the word document is the same with the pdf file. Then I guess I used it successfully. Please see my success in figure 3. Then please have a check the file name. It is the same with the pdf file. Nothing was changed but the file format. You can edit it in the word document like figure 3.


I guess we have made the first convertion. If you want to converted the modified word document to pdf file again, Maybe you have to learn this one Document Printer v5.0 yourself. It was heard that it is also easy to use.

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