How to encrypt PDF when compressing PDF

To compress PDF and encrypt PDF, e.g., compress font of PDF, please feel free to refer to following paragraphs. 🙂

Our main processing tool is VeryDOC PDF Compressor, which is a professional command line application to help you compress files of PDF files in various aspects. For more information about this software, please visit its homepage from hyperlink above. 🙂 And here is quick download entrance of trial version below:

Download VeryDOC PDF Compressor

And after you extract content from downloaded zip file to your computer, you need to follow steps below to accomplish compressing PDF file and encrypt PDF file:

1. Open command prompt window

To open command prompt, please run cmd.exe or cmd in your computer so that command prompt could be opened on screen directly.

2. Compress file of PDF and encrypt PDF

For your convenience, you can refer to following examples to fulfill process one time:

pdfcompressor.exe –compressfonts –owner 897789 –user 987889 C:\in.pdf C:\out.pdf

pdfcompressor.exe –compressfonts –owner 897789 –user 987889 –perms 1 –keylen 128 C:\in\*.pdf C:\out\*.pdf

where you may need to know:

  • -compressfonts: Compress fonts
  • -owner <string>: Owner password to use for encrypting output PDF file
  • -user <string>: User password to use for encrypting output PDF file
  • -perms <int>: PDF security permissions to use for encrypting output
  • -keylen <int>: Defines the length (in bits) of the encryption key.
  • pdfcompressor.exe: call executive file “pdfcompressor.exe” for running software
  • C:\in.pdf: specify input PDF file
  • C:\out.pdf: specify output PDF file

After all prepared work like above is done in your command prompt, you can make VeryDOC PDF Compressor to compress file of added PDF and encrypt PDF instantly. After a few seconds, this application can provide you with encrypted compressed PDF file added into targeting folder in your computer.

Finally, if you need to get full version of this software, please do not hesitate to click following icon:

Purchase VeryDOC PDF Compressor

And thank you for knowing how to use VeryDOC PDF Compressor to encrypt PDF file during compressing PDF through commands.

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