How to convert user password protected PDF to SWF?

Some people are trapped in how to convert user password protected PDF to SWF in Windows systems, which is an average question mentioned usually. This article aims to show you how to use PDF to Flash Converter to solve this problem. 

Please download PDF to Flash Converter right now for later application by yourself. Then, you can use command line to convert user password protected PDF to SWF with the following description below.

1. Open command prompt window.

Click Windows + R – input cmd – click OK

2. Input command line and relative parameter to convert user password protected PDF to SWF in command prompt window.

Usage of PDF to Flash Converter:

pdftoflash.exe [options] <PDF Files>

Relative parameter:

-pv2rupw <string> – for typing user password (for encrypted files)

Command Line example for you to refer to:

pdftoflash.exe –pv2rupw 233223 d:\source\input1.pdf C:\output\out1.swf

3. Produced SWF file is in snapshot below:

SWF produced from user password protected PDF


Besides user password protected PDF file can be processed to SWF file smoothly, PDF to Flash Converter can help you edit more properties of SWF files than you can ever imagine through command line. PDF to Flash Converter can just only convert PDF to SWF of static form. To produce dynamic SWF files through PDF, you can choose PDF to Flash Flip Book Converter. For your doubts on PDF to Flash Converter, please drop your comments here, have a nice day!

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