How to convert EMF/WMF to PDF and customize PDF size

The utility VeryDOC Metafile to PDF Converter could help Windows users convert EMF/WMF to PDF and customize PDF size flexibly through command line and parameters. To know more about this process, please keep reading this article.

First of all, please download package of trial version of this application here:

Download VeryDOC Metafile to PDF Converter

Then, please extract its content from unfolded package to your computer, and then, this trial version software could be located in your own computer, and you can use it for later process by yourself.

Then, here are steps to use VeryDOC Metafile to PDF Converter to convert EMF/WMF file to PDF file and customize PDF size below:

1. Open command prompt window

You can run cmd.exe to open running environment of commands in Windows systems: click Windows + R > input cmd.exe and click ok in pop dialog box, and then, command prompt window could be opened automatically on your screen.

2. Convert EMF/WMF file to PDF file with customized PDF size

After you opened command prompt window, you can convert EMF/WMF file to PDF file through directories and customize PDF size through setting PDF width and height, and here are examples for you to refer to below:

emf2pdf.exe -width 1024 -height 800 C:\in3.emf C:\out3.pdf

emf2pdf.exe -width 1200 -height 792 C:\in2.wmf C:\out2.pdf


  • emf2pdf.exe: call executive file “emf2pdf.exe” to run software  
  • -width 1024/1200: set width of PDF file as 1024/1200
  • -height 800/792: set height of PDF file as 800/792
  • C:\in3.emf: specify input EMF file
  • C:\out3.pdf: specify output PDF file
  • C:\in2.wmf: specify input WMF file
  • C:\out2.pdf: specify output PDF file

After commands and parameters like above typed in command prompt window, please use this software to fulfill conversion and setting, and then, produced PDF file could be specified in PDF size.

For more articles about properties of VeryDOC Metafile to PDF Converter, besides customizing PDF size during converting EMF/WMF file to PDF file, welcome to visit here frequently. And for full version of this software, please go to purchase page of VeryDOC Metafile to PDF Converter.

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