Crop blank margin of PDF file in batches

Maybe you have multiple PDF files which contain big size blank margin. When you print these documents, you may need to use A4 paper which is really a waste of paper and money. But if you crop blank margin in batches, these PDF documents will be able to be printed by B5 paper. So why not? The command line application introduced in this article will help you do this kind of work.

The name of the application is VeryDOC PDF Margin Crop and you can download it via clicking here. By double clicking the installer you will be able to follow the installation wizard to install it on your computer and then click Start—All Programs—VeryDOC PDF Margin Crop v2.0—PDF Margin Crop Command Line to run the command line application.

You will see the usage of the command line application at once. Please see it in Figure 1. To crop blank margin of PDF files, you will need to use the option –margin. PDF Margin Crop allows you to crop blank margin to the page left, top, right or bottom according to your needs. This command line also supports wildcard *, so you can choose to crop pdf margin in batches.

usage of PDF Margin Crop Command Line

                                                                    Figure 1

There are several examples for your reference.

pdfmc.exe C:\in.pdf C:\out.pdf

pdfmc.exe –margin 0x10x0x10pt –specklesize 10 C:\in.pdf D:\out.pdf

pdfmc.exe –margin 10x10x10x10mm C:\in\*.pdf D:\out\*.pdf

The first command line example is to crop blank margin of PDF file automatically without setting any parameters.

The second command line example is to set PDF margin to 0x10x0x10 point.

The third command line example is to crop PDF margin in batches and set all PDF margin as 10x10x10x10mm.

After inputting the command line, please hit Enter button to run the process.

There is a successfully run command line to crop blank margin for PDF files in batches shown in Figure 2.

crop blank margin of PDF files in batches

                                                                   Figure 2

If you are interested in VeryDOC PDF Margin Crop and want to purchase it, please enter the homepage of it. If you have any ideas or options about this product, please contact the support team of VeryDOC.

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