Convert txt to pdf and edit pdf author

You can convert txt to pdf and edit pdf author with command line in Windows platforms. Without GUI interface, this process can be accomplished very easily. If you would like to know more, please read the following paragraphs.

1. Download DOC to Any Converter Command Line

You can click the following link to download a zip file firstly, then, please extract its content to your computer, then you can own DOC to Any Converter Command Line, which can be used later.

2. Run “cmd.exe” to get the running environment

In Windows platforms, you can run “cmd.exe” in your computer so that the operating environment of DOC to Any Converter Command Line can be opened. And the followings are about the steps:

click “start” – click “Run” on start menu – type “cmd.exe” in dialog box “Run” – click “OK”

3. Start DOC to Any Converter Command Line

At the current directory of command prompt window, to start DOC to Any Converter Command Line, you can call “doc2any.exe” by typing the path of “doc2any.exe” into command prompt window, then click “space” so that other command can be typed there.

4. Get the basic work done in command prompt window

After the running of DOC to Any Converter Command Line, please do the followings to prepare for the production of pdf file:

edit author of pdf > add the source file > select a destination folder and name pdf file > produce pdf file

Here is an example to convert txt to pdf and edit pdf author below:

d:\doc2any_cmd\doc2any.exe –author “Nike” f:\originals\begin.txt f:\terminals\begin.pdf


  • d:\doc2any_cmd\doc2any.exe is the path of “doc2any.exe” used to call “doc2any.exe”
  • –author “Nike” is a parameter to edit author of pdf as “Nike”, which should be a real string as author of pdf file
  • f:\originals\begin.txt is the source path of txt file, which is typed for adding txt file
  • f:\terminals\begin.pdf is the targeting path of pdf file, which is inputted to save pdf file and name it

After the command line like above is typed into your command prompt window, you need to click “enter” in command prompt window, then your pdf file can be produced within several seconds.

If you want to know more conversions besides this one, which is from txt to pdf and editing pdf author, please click this link:; to know more parameters, please click this link:

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