Convert ppt to pdf and add watermark

You can use DOC to Any Converter Command Line to convert ppt to pdf and add watermark on pdf in Windows platforms.

1. Open the command prompt window

The command prompt window is the operating environment of DOC to Any Converter Command Line, so you need to open it firstly in your computer with the steps below:

click “start” > select “Run” > input “cmd.exe” > hit “ok”, or click “Windows + R” > hit “Run” on start menu > type “cmd” > click “OK”

2. Input command line

Firstly, you need to refer to the following examples to type your own command line in command prompt window:

d:\doc2any_cmd\doc2any.exe –wtext “” –wtype 1 d:\source\example.ppt d:\target\example.pdf

d:\doc2any_cmd\doc2any.exe –wtext “Faith Hill” –wtype 2 –wa 45 d:\source\input1.ppt d:\target\output1.pdf


  • d:\doc2any_cmd\doc2any.exe is the path of “doc2any.exe” used to launch DOC to Any Converter Command Line in command prompt window
  • –wtext “” and –wtext “Faith Hill” are the parameters to edit watermark of pdf as “” and “Faith Hill” separately
  • –wtype 1 and –wtype 2 are the parameter to add watermark on header of pdf and on footer of pdf separately
  • d:\source\example.ppt and d:\source\input1.ppt are the source paths of ppt file separately, which are used for adding ppt file for this process of ppt to pdf 
  • –wa 45 is the parameter to rotate watermark of pdf by 45 degree
  • d:\target\example.pdf and d:\target\output1.pdf are the targeting paths to save pdf files separately

At last, you need to click “enter” in command prompt window so that the production of pdf can be started. Besides the parameters mentioned above, which are used in conversion of ppt to pdf with the process to add watermark, you can get other parameters from this link: To use DOC to Any Converter Command Line to process your own task right now, you can click this link:

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