A way to convert pdf to video

There is a way to convert pdf to video in this article, which can be a flash file previewed on web browser. If you are interested in it, you can keep reading this article.

Here is the method below:

1. Download PDF to Flash Converter

Click the following link, you can get a zip file on your computer: https://www.verydoc.com/pdftoflash_cmd.zip. Then, please extract its content to your computer, then you can call “pdftoflash.exe” directly later.

2. Follow steps below to convert pdf to video --- pdf to flash

  • Please open the operating environment of PDF to Flash Converter: click “start” > select “Run” > input “cmd.exe” > click “OK”, then the command prompt window can be popped on your screen, which is the running environment of PDF to Flash Converter
  • Type the path of “pdftoflash.exe” into command prompt window in order to call “pdftoflash.exe” for running PDF to Flash Converter, then click “space” for other command typed later
  • Input the path of source pdf file in command prompt window for adding this pdf file for this process, then still, please click “space” in command prompt window
  • Type the targeting path in order to save your video file and name it flexibly
  • At last, please click “enter” in command prompt window, then production of video – flash can be started in command prompt window with the help of PDF to Flash Converter

Here is an example to help you understand this process better below:

pdftoflash.exe d:\begins\example2.pdf d:\finishs\example2.swf<enter>

In command line above, pdftoflash.exe stands for the path of “pdftoflash.exe”; d:\begins\example2.pdf is the source path of your pdf file; d:\finishs\example2.swf is the targeting path; <enter> do not need to input in command prompt window, all you need to do is to get one click on “enter” so that production of video can be started in command prompt window smoothly.

Here is almost the end of this article, which is mainly about how to convert pdf to video with PDF to Flash Converter in Windows platforms. However, if you are interested in PDF to Flash Converter, please click this link and go to its main webpage: https://www.verydoc.com/pdf-to-flash.html.

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