How to convert PDF to SWF in batches with command line?

Sometimes you may think PDF file is a little boring, for it can not be vivid like interesting cartoon. But don’t worry, PDF to Flash Converter can help you solve this kind of issues. With PDF to Flash Converter, you can convert PDF to SWF in batches with command line in Windows platforms. Interested in this topic, please join me in the following paragraphs.

First of all, please download a zip file from this link: Then, please extract its content to your computer. Finally, you can call “pdftoflash.exe” for running PDF to Flash Converter on your computer.

Then, please click “start” > select “Run” > type “cmd.exe” > click “OK” in dialog box of “Run”, then the command prompt window can be popped on your screen, which is the running environment of PDF to Flash Converter in Windows platforms.

Next, please do the followings to convert PDF to SWF in batches with command line by yourself in command prompt window:

  • Create a new *.bat file on your computer > open it in Notepad
  • Refer to the command lines below to input yours in *.bat file:

d:\pdftoflash_cmd\pdftoflash.exe “f:\input\example1.pdf” “e:\output\example1.swf”

d:\pdftoflash_cmd\pdftoflash.exe “f:\input\example2.pdf” “e:\output\example2.swf”

d:\pdftoflash_cmd\pdftoflash.exe “f:\input\example3.pdf” “e:\output\example3.swf”


    1. d:\pdftoflash_cmd\pdftoflash.exe is the path of “pdftoflash.exe” used to run PDF to Flash Converter on your computer
    2. “f:\input\example1.pdf” “f:\input\example2.pdf” “f:\input\example3.pdf” are the paths of source PDF file separately, which are all typed for adding PDF file for your process
    3. “e:\output\example1.swf” “e:\output\example2.swf” “e:\output\example3.swf” are the targeting paths for saving and naming your SWF files separately

Then, please save these content above in *.bat file, and each command line like above will help you convert one PDF file to SWF file on your computer. So if you would like to get more PDF file converted, please type command line like above. At last, please close your *.bat file.

  • Then, please double click this *.bat file, finally, you will find your SWF files can be produced into your targeting folder on your computer

By now, if you want to know more of PDF to Flash Converter, please go to its homepage at this link: And for any doubts on process to convert PDF to SWF in batches with command line, you can choose to leave your comment here, we promise we will solve your problems at first time. Thank you for your support.

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