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HTMLPrint to Any Converter Options

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VeryDOC HTMLPrint v2.0
Print URL, HTML, MHTML files to physical printer.
1. Paper size can be selected either standard papers or user defined papers.
Look at following page for the standard papers:
Usage: htmlprint.exe [options] <HTML/MHTML file or URL>
-printer <string> : printer name to print
-prompt : prompt the user with the print dialog so they can change printer
    settings and/or select pages manually
-savedevmode <string> : prompt the user with print dialog and save the printer
    settings into a disk file
-loaddevmode <string> : restore printer settings which saved by -savedevmode
-promptdevmode    : prompt the user with print dialog and print the printer
    settings to screen
-devmode <string> : restore printer settings which outputed by
    -promptdevmode parameter
-copies <int>     : copies to print
-paper <string>   : set paper size to printer
    number : standard paper size
    others : user defined paper size
-orient <int>     : select the orientation of the printer paper,
    1 is portrait (default) and 2 is landscape
-duplex <int> : select duplex or double-sided printing for printers capable
    of duplex printing,
    1 : simplex
    2 : horizontal
    3 : vertical
-color <int>    : specify color or monochrome to printer,
    1 : monochrome
    2 : color
-xres <int>     : specify the printer x-resolution,
    -4 : high
    -3 : medium
    -2 : low
    -1 : draft
    number: the number of dots per inch (DPI) and is therefore device dependent
-yres <int>     : specify the printer y-resolution
-collate <int>  : specify whether collation should be used when printing
    multiple copies, 0 is disable and 1 is enable
-scale <int> : specify the factor by which the printed output is to be scaled,
    The apparent page size is scaled from the physical page size by a factor
    of scale/100.
-listprinter    : list printers in system
-listbins       : list bins/trays of a printer
-chgbin <int>   : change bin/tray for printer
-restoreprinter : restore original settings to printer after printing
-checkjobstatus : check status for print jobs
-checkjobtime <int> : delay some time before check status for print jobs,
    in seconds
-nodelfailjobs      : don't delete failed print jobs
-printbgcolor <int> : enable or disable print background color and images
-marginleft <int>   : set left margin when print HTML file, unit is point
-margintop <int>    : set top margin when print HTML file, unit is point
-marginright <int>  : set right margin when print HTML file, unit is point
-marginbottom <int> : set bottom margin when print HTML file, unit is point
-hfflag <string>    : set HTML header/footer to off or on
-header <string>    : set HTML header text
-footer <string>    : set HTML footer text
-postdata <string>  : set postdata when print HTML file
-hidewindow         : hide printing dialog
-dlgwidth <int>     : set width to HTML dialog
-dlgheight <int>    : set height to HTML dialog
-debug              : print debug information to screen
-delay <int>        : delay some seconds after HTML page download completely
-timeout1 <int> : force to print HTML file if timeout, default is 600 seconds
-timeout2 <int> : force to exit the process if timeout, default is 'Never'
-printtospl <string> : print HTML document to SPL file
-printtoemf <string> : print HTML document to EMF files
-printtowmf <string> : print HTML document to WMF files
-printtoxps <string> : print HTML document to XPS files
-printtopcl <string> : print HTML document to PCL file
-printtops  <string> : print HTML document to Postscript file
-printtopdf <string> : print HTML document to PDF file, this function is depend
    on PS to PDF Converter Command Line
-ps2pdfopt  <string>   : set options to ps2pdf.exe application
-printtoimage <string> : print HTML document to image files
-imgw <int>    : Set width to out image file
-imgh <int>    : Set height to out image file
-imgxres <int> : Set X resolution to out image file
-imgyres <int> : Set Y resolution to out image file
-imgbc <int>   : Set color depth (1, 4, 8) for out image conversion
-compress <int>: Set compression to TIFF image
    -compress 1     : NONE compression
    -compress 2     : CCITT modified Huffman RLE
    -compress 3     : CCITT Group 3 fax encoding (1d)
    -compress 4     : CCITT Group 4 fax encoding
    -compress 5     : LZW compression
    -compress 6     : OJPEG compression
    -compress 7     : JPEG DCT compression
    -compress 32773 : PACKBITS compression
    -compress 32809 : THUNDERSCAN compression
    -compress 88880 : 204x98 G4 ClassF TIFF
    -compress 88881 : 204x196 G4 ClassF TIFF
    -compress 88882 : 204x98 G3 ClassF TIFF
    -compress 88883 : 204x196 G3 ClassF TIFF
    -compress 88884 : CCITT Group 3 fax encoding (2d)
-quality <int> : Set quality (1~100) to JPEG file
-rotate <int>  : Rotate pages, 90, 180, 270
-multipage     : Create multipage TIFF file
-gray          : Create 8bit image file at grayscale color space
-$ <string>    : Input registration key
htmlprint.exe -printer "PDFcamp Printer" -copies 3 -paper 9 C:\test.htm
htmlprint.exe -printer "PDFcamp Printer" -paper "pdf" C:\test.htm
htmlprint.exe -printer "PDFcamp Printer" -paper "11x17in" C:\test.htm
htmlprint.exe -printer "Adobe PDF" -paper "215.9x279.4mm" C:\test.htm
htmlprint.exe -printer "ImagePrinter" -paper "612x792pt" C:\test.htm
htmlprint.exe -printer "docPrint" -paper "612x792pt" -orient 1 C:\test.htm
htmlprint.exe -printer "docPrint" -paper "612x792pt" -orient 2 C:\test.htm
htmlprint.exe -prompt C:\test.htm
htmlprint.exe -prompt
htmlprint.exe -savedevmode C:\printer.dat -printer docPrint
htmlprint.exe -loaddevmode C:\printer.dat C:\test.htm
htmlprint.exe -promptdevmode -printer docPrint
htmlprint.exe -duplex 3 -color 1 C:\test.htm
htmlprint.exe -xres -4 -yres -4 C:\test.htm
htmlprint.exe -xres 600 -yres 600 C:\test.htm
htmlprint.exe -copies 3 -collate 1 C:\test.htm
htmlprint.exe -scale 50 C:\test.htm
htmlprint.exe -listprinter
htmlprint.exe -listbins
htmlprint.exe -listbins -printer "docPrint"
htmlprint.exe -chgbin 15 -printer "docPrint" C:\test.htm
htmlprint.exe -copies 3 -restoreprinter C:\test.htm
htmlprint.exe -checkjobstatus -checkjobtime 5 -nodelfailjobs C:\test.htm
htmlprint.exe -printbgcolor 0
htmlprint.exe -printbgcolor 1
htmlprint.exe -marginleft 10 -margintop 10 -marginright 10 -marginbottom 10
htmlprint.exe -hfflag off
htmlprint.exe -hfflag on -header "HTML Header" -footer "HTML Footer"
htmlprint.exe -hidewindow
htmlprint.exe -dlgwidth 1024 -dlgheight 768
htmlprint.exe -debug
htmlprint.exe -delay 30 -timeout1 30 -timeout2 60
htmlprint.exe -color 1
htmlprint.exe -xres 600 -yres 600
htmlprint.exe -xres -4
htmlprint.exe -savedevmode C:\file.dat -printer "VeryPDF PCL Writer"
htmlprint.exe -loaddevmode C:\file.dat -printer "VeryPDF PCL Writer" C:\test.mht
htmlprint.exe -postdata "Username=UserName&Password=Password"
htmlprint.exe -postdata "PHPSESSID=tmf0p2vdtqj734dk05o79"
 html2any.exe -printtospl C:\out.spl
html2any.exe -printtoemf C:\out.emf
html2any.exe -printtowmf C:\out.wmf
html2any.exe -printtoxps C:\out.xps
html2any.exe -printtopcl C:\out.pcl
html2any.exe -printtops C:\
html2any.exe -printtopdf C:\out.pdf
html2any.exe -printtopdf C:\out.pdf -ps2pdfopt "-ownerpwd owner -keylen 2 -encryption 3900"
html2any.exe -printtopdf C:\out.pdf -ps2pdfopt "-subject \"subject\" -creator \"creator\""
html2any.exe -printtopdf C:\out.pdf -ps2pdfopt "-$ XXXXXXXXXXXX"
html2any.exe -printtoimage C:\out.jpg
html2any.exe -printtoimage C:\out.png -imgw 800 -imgh 1000
html2any.exe -printtoimage C:\out.gif -imgxres 300 -imgyres 300
html2any.exe -printtoimage C:\out.png -imgbc 1
html2any.exe -printtoimage C:\out.tif -imgbc 24
html2any.exe -printtoimage C:\out.tif -imgbc 24 -compress 5
html2any.exe -printtoimage C:\out.tif -imgbc 1 -compress 4
html2any.exe -printtoimage C:\out.tif -imgbc 24 -compress 32773
html2any.exe -printtoimage C:\out.tif -imgbc 1 -compress 88881
html2any.exe -printtoimage C:\out.jpg -quality 50
html2any.exe -printtoimage C:\out.jpg -rotate 90
html2any.exe -printtoimage C:\out.tif -multipage
html2any.exe -printtoimage C:\out.jpg -gray
htmlprint.exe -$ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX C:\test.htm
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