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What is PostScript?
PostScript is a computer language designed explicitly for page description -- for printing graphics and text. It was introduced in 1985 by Adobe and is a great way to describe images in perfect precision and in a device-independent manner.
The language itself is in ASCII text and can be viewed (though perhaps not comprehended!!) in your text editor. Normally you are not intended to edit PostScript manually, but it is certainly possible, if you know the language. PostScript code, which is typically interpreted, is stack-based in the same manner as an RPN calculator. A program pushes arguments to an operator onto a stack and then invokes the operator. Typically, the operator will have some result which is left at the top of the stack. As an example, let us say we want to multiply 12 and 134. We would use the following PostScript code:

12 134 mul
The first two words '12' and '134' push the numbers 12 and 134 onto the stack. 'mul' invokes the multiply operator which pops two values off the stack, multiplies them, and then pushes the result back onto the stack. The resulting value can be left there to be used by another operator later in the program.
Another example is drawing purple line segments, with a line thickness of 10 points (approx 10/72 inches):

10 setlinethickness % self-explanatory
0.62 0.13 0.93 setrgbcolor % purple!
50 50 moveto 300 500 lineto 50 500 lineto stroke

The default coordinate system for an 8.5"11" page ("letter size") is 0 0 in the lower left corner to 612 792 in the upper right. Among the top few lines of a well-constructed PostScript file is bounding box information.
Fonts can be defined in a PostScript file, though it isn't necessary for basic fonts like Times, Helvetica and Courier. Figures and fonts can then be placed on a page using PostScript commands which give concise results with arbitrary resolution. It is also possible to describe bitmap images in PostScript, which results in huge file size and limited resolution.
What is XPS?
XPS stands for "XML Paper Specification." Formerly code-named "Metro Print Path," XPS is a new XML-based file format that has been developed jointly by Microsoft and UK-based Global Graphics Software.

The "XPS Document Format" is a paginated, fixed-format representation of electronic documents. Also known as "Metro Reach," XPS Document Format is an open, cross-platform document format that allows users to create, share, print and archive documents.

Support for the XPS Document Format is included in Windows Vista, Microsoft's next-generation Windows operating system.

XML Paper Specification: Overview
The XML Paper Specification (XPS) provides users and developers with a robust, open and trustworthy format for electronic paper. The XML Paper Specification describes electronic paper in a way that can be read by hardware, read by software, and read by people. XPS documents print better, can be shared easier, are more secure and can be archived with confidence.

The XML Paper Specification itself is platform independent, openly published, and available royalty-free and Microsoft has integrated XPS-based technologies into Microsoft Windows Vista operating system and the 2007 Microsoft Office system. Microsoft brings additional document value to its customers, partners, and the computing industry through the XPS-based technologies.

Explore the features and functionality that the XML Paper Specification makes possible.
Postscript & EPS & PDF & XPS Conversion Tools from VeryDOC
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    Convert postscript and EPS files to TIFF, JPEG, BMP, GIF, PCX, PNG, EPSI, EPSF, etc. formats.
PDF to Vector Converter
    Convert Acrobat PDF files to WMF, EMF, SVG, HPGL, XPS, PCL, SWF, PS, EPS etc. formats.
Postscript to Text Converter
    Convert postscript and EPS files to plain text documents.
Postscript to PDF Converter
    Convert postscript and EPS files to Adobe Acrobat PDF documents.
XPS to PDF Converter
    Convert XPS files to Adobe Acrobat PDF documents.

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