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Video to Flash Converter

Video to Flash – Convert Video to Flash, AVI to SWF, MP4 to FLV

Video to Flash Converter has been designed to help users convert video to flash, such as avi to swf, mp4 to flv etc. Video to Flash Converter supports to set the resolution, the frame, and the quality of video for the output flash. It also supports to set the audio bit rate and sample rate.

Version: v2.0
Price List:
Product Name Number of Licenses Price per License
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Video to Flash Converter 1 $19.95 Download Buy Now
2-9 $14.95 Download Buy Now
10-49 $9.95 Download Buy Now
50+ $4.95 Download Buy Now
Video format of diversification:

Video to Flash Converter support many source formats conversion-- avi to swf, avi to flv, flv to swf, mp4 to swf, mp4 to flv, wmv to swf, wmf to flv, mpg to swf and mpg to flv etc.

Flexible setting output properties:

To set up the properties of output flash during the conversion of video to flash, users could click “option” tool button to enter into “option” panel, where user could change the video parameters of the resolution, the frame and the quality or change the audio bit rate and the sample rate, in order to set up the video properties or the audio properties separately.

Flexible setting output type:

Users could choose the flash file extension--.swf or .flv, also users could decide to maintain all of audio or video contents, or convert all of audio and video contents from video to flash.

Features of Video to Flash Converter:
  • Windows platform--support to run in Windows 2000/XP/Vista/2008/7 systems with 32 bit or 64 bit.
  • Add source files flexibly--support to drag the source video files into the processing form directly.
  • Preview source video file.
  • Batch process –convert more than one video to flash file one time.
  • Set the video parameters of output flash—support to set up the resolution, the frame and the quality.
  • Set the audio properties of output flash—support to set up the audio bit rate and sample rate.
  • The options to choose audio and video—support to remove audio or video from output flash.
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