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MS Internet Explorer Header/Footer

If you want to customize your header and footer information for printing webpages, you need to understand what Internet Explorer 6 thinks it means by all this "&b&P" business. The header and footer "code" is a shorthand Explorer uses to indicate which information to print in the header and footer. The complete list of codes is given below.

&& = & in the header / footer (no fooling. Really)
&b = any text in header / footer aligned on right hand side after the &b
&b&b = centers text in header / footer between the two &bs.
&D = longer date format
&d = short date format
&p = current page number
&P = total page number
&T = 24 hr time format for time of printing
&t = time of printing
&u = webpage URL address
&w = webpage title

So the default header entry "&w&bPage &p of &P" translates as "webpage title, with the current page number and total number of pages aligned on the right side of the header." It takes a bit of playing around with Internet Explorer 6’s Page Setup to fully understand how the header and footer entries will look when printed. Check it out by changing the header and footer, then examining the page with Print Preview.

When printing a web page using IE (Internet Explorer), there is page information printed in each page header (the top of printed page) and footer (the bottom of printed page). The information in the header and footer may vary for different web browsing software, but usually it includes the web page title, web page address (URL), the current page number, total number of pages and the date of printing.

Depending on the tasks you are solving by printing web page, there might be a necessity to include additional or remove unnecessary information from the header and footer. Internet Explorer allows to configure header / footer information (by using printing codes), or alternatively remove header and footer information completely.
Code Description Preview
&w Window title Internet Explorer header / footer...
&u Page address (URL)
&d Date in short format specified by Regional Settings in Control Panel 12/3/2005
&D Date in long format specified by Regional Settings in Control Panel Saturday, December 3, 2005
&t Time in the format specified by Regional Settings in Control Panel 10:41:06
&T Time in 24-hour format 10:41:06
&p Current page number 1
&P Total number of pages 2
&& A single ampersand (&) &
&b Separates preceding and following text into different sections left &b center &b right
text Custom text (can be used in combination with printing codes) Custom text

To configure print header / footer, click File, select Page Setup and enter appropriate codes (special characters) into Headers and Footers section. Note that Internet Explorer header / footer codes are case sensitive.
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