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Metafile (EMF & WMF) Tools

What is a metafile?
A metafile is a list of commands that can be played back to draw a graphic. Typically, a metafile is made up of commands to draw objects such as lines, polygons and text and commands to control the style of these objects. NOTE: Some people equate metafiles with vector graphics. In most cases this is fine; but, strictly speaking, a metafile can contain any mix of vector and raster graphics. For example, a metafile could contain just one command to display a bitmap! In general, we will consider a metafile to be a kind of vector graphic.

What is a Windows metafile (WMF file)?
A Windows metafile is a 16-bit metafile that can be used by Windows 3.x, Windows 95, 98 and Windows NT to display a picture. It can contain both vector information and bitmap information. It is optimized for the Windows operating system.
WMF is a Windows standard format that works well with Office.

What is an enhanced metafile (EMF file)?
An enhanced metafile is a 32-bit metafile that can be used by Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista to display a picture. An enhanced metafile can contain a much broader variety of commands than a "regular" Windows metafile. Basically, the enhanced metafile format is a 32-bit super-set of the 16-bit Windows metafile format.

The Enhanced Metafile format can contain both vector information and bitmap information. This format is an improvement over the Windows Metafile Format and contains extended features, such as the following:
 • Built-in scaling information
 • Built-in descriptions that are saved with the file
 • Improvements in color palettes and device independence
The EMF format is an extensible format, which means that a programmer can modify the original specification to add functionality or to meet specific needs. This modification can lead to incompatibilities between different types of EMF pictures.
Metafile Conversion Tools from VeryDOC
EMF to PDF Converter
    Metafile (EMF, WMF) to PDF Converter can be used to convert Metafile EMF, WMF and RTF files to Adobe PDF files.
EMF to Vector Converter
    EMF to Vector Converter converts enhanced metafiles to PDF, RTF, SVG, EPS, HPGL, etc. vector formats while preserving the vector and text information. EMF to Vector is can also convert EMF and WMF files to raster image formats, such as JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PCX, PNG, TGA, etc.

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