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PDF to PDF/A Converter

VeryDOC PDF to PDF/A Converter Command Line allows you to convert your existing PDF documents (normal or scanned) into ISO 19005-1 PDF/A-compliant archivable documents. This helps to ensure that you can find the right document when you need it, and that it will appear the same way it did when you archived it. Using PDF to PDF/A Converter to convert your PDF files to PDF/A helps to ensure that your documents will be archivable and display reliably.

PDF to PDF/A Converter embeds missing fonts and optimizes them through subsetting. Forbidden content (JavaScript, Interactive Form etc.) and non-essential content is removed. Device dependent color spaces are replaced by predefined ICC color profiles. The file is reformatted during the conversion process and all repairs are carried out where success can be guaranteed.

PDF/A is an ISO standard for long-term preservation. These files are primarily used for archiving. PDF/A compliant files can contain text, raster images, vector graphics, as well as annotations, hyperlinks, or bookmarks.

However, PDF/A compliant files must not contain JavaScripts or an Interactive Form. In addition, all fonts must be embedded and PDF/A compliant files must contain information describing the printing condition for which they are prepared. The output intent can be either CMYK or RGB based. However, only one device color space can be used in a document with the exception that DeviceGray can be combined with RGB or CMYK color spaces.
VeryDOC PDF to PDF/A Converter Command Line features:
bullet Archive Using PDF/A, Create PDF/A-1b documents which are fully compliant with ISO 19005-1 archiving standards
bullet Support owner password protected PDF file directly
bullet Replace device specific color spaces with ICC based color spaces
bullet ICC profile for the output intent
bullet Add a GTS_PDFA output intent
bullet Embed necessary fonts into PDF file
bullet Embed and subset non-embedded fonts
bullet Remove prohibited entries, e.g., JavaScript, Interactive Form etc.
bullet Add XMP metadata if missing
bullet PDF to PDF/A Converter is executed from the command line
bullet Support command line operation (for manual use or inclusion in scripts)
bullet Support all version of Acrobat PDF files
bullet Support 2000/XP/Vista, 32bit and 64bit, Windows platforms
Price List:
Product Name Number of Licenses Price per License Download Purchase
PDF to PDF/A Converter Command Line 1 End User License USD$79.00
PDF to PDF/A Converter Command Line 1 Server License USD$199.00
PDF to PDF/A Converter Command Line 1 Developer License USD$1200.00
PDF to PDF/A Converter COM/SDK/DLL Library 1 Server License USD$399.95
PDF to PDF/A Converter COM/SDK/DLL Library 1 Developer License USD$1999.95
One Year Gold Support 1 Year USD$1200.00  
Server License: Licensed by per Production Server, easily to be called from ASP/PHP/C#/.NET/... etc. server side applications.
Developer License: Licensed by per Developer, Royalty Free Runtime Desktop Distribution, can be run on any number of servers/computers.
Please read the full licensing agreement for more information.
Use "-mode 2" parameter to analyze all objects in PDF file, this parameter will check and repair all objects in PDF file and arrange them to comply with the PDF/A compliance.
PDF/A: PDF Designed for Archival
The PDF/A-1b standard (ISO 19005-1:2005) is a subset of the PDF standard, designed for long-term archival of documents.
PDF Standards and Your Business
PDF/A: PDF for Archving
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