VeryDOC HTML to Image Converter-convert html to image by command line

     VeryDOC HTML to Image Converter  is a modern, unique, simple, powerful, fast and flexible tool to create complex and stylish image document from all kinds of HTML file in your applications with just a few simply command line. This converter can help you get image any HTML document or URL that a modern browser can display, preserving all layout and format in the website executing all the JavaScript scripts found in the HTML document.

System Requirement : Windows 2000 / XP / Server 2003 / Vista / Server 2008 / 7 and Later systems, both 32bit and 64bit systems.

feature Feature List

  • It can generate thumbnail previews of web pages.
  • The output image is like the whole snapshot of the website.
  • It can do the conversion from MHTML to image  and HTML to image in batch.
  • Output image formats:JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIF, EMF, WMF image formats.
  • Option to compress image with good quality.
  • Supports timeout seconds of web page to load.
  •   Supports delayed snapshots of web page.
  • During the conversion, it allows you to hind the DOS Windows.
  • Supports multi-threaded mode, able to capture multiple websites at a time.
  • Option to switches to disable java, activex, scripts on the web page.

how to use How to Use

  • For converting HTML to Image, downloading this converter is requisite step.
  • As this software is command line version, once downloading finishes,  please extract the downloaded zip file.
  • Open extracted folder and check elements in it.
  • Please readme.txt carefully, as it will be helpful to build positive relation with this software.
  • Run the conversion from HTML to Image in compliance with usage and following examples.

Note: not all the VeryDOC software has familiar command line usage, so please read the website instruction and do the conversion according to usage, or else the conversion will fail.

example Examples:

  • Convert HTML of URL address to png. And the website file extension could be HTML, HTM, MHT.
      html2image -url= -out=C:\verydoc.png
      html2image -url=C:\test.htm -out=C:\test.png
      html2image -url=C:\test.mht -out=C:\test.png
  • Convert HTML to Image and specify image quality and size.
      html2image -url=C:\test.mht -out=C:\test.jpg -quality=70
      html2image -url= -out=C:\out.png -width=100 -height=200 -dpi=200
  • Please use parameter -$ to register this software.
      html2image -$=XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
      html2image -$=XXXXXXXXXXXXXX -url= -out=C:\test.png

Parameter List:

   -url=<url>:       The URL to capture (http:...|file:...|...)     
  -out=<path>:     The target file (.png|bmp|jpeg|emf|...)        
  -width=<int>:     Width of the output image (default: auto)
  -height=<int>:    Height of the output image (default: auto)
  -xdpi=<int>:       X resolution of the output image (default: auto)
  -ydpi=<int>:       Y resolution of the output image (default: auto)
  -dpi=<int>:         Both X and Y resolution of the output image (default: auto)
  -bwidth=<int>:     Browser width (default: 800)
  -bheight=<int>:   Browser height (default: automatically determined)
  -quality=<int>:    JPEG quality (compression) percent (default: 90)
  -timeout=<ms>:   Timeout in milliseconds (default: 120000, 0 is no timeout)
  -delay=<ms>:       Wait after loading (e.g. for Flash; default: 0)
  -highquality:         Create high quality image files
  -silent:  Whether to surpress some dialogs               
  -help:    Print this help page and exit                  
  -$ :        Input your license key to remove demo watermark

During the converting from HTML to Image, please contact us as soon as possible.

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