Use html2image to convert HTML file to Fax ready TIFF file

I have download and test html2image, for use in the fax business.

html2image may fulfill my goals except that some functionalities are either missing or does not seem to work correctly.

I would like to have a Black&White output, is it possible?

I wonder if there are limitation in the trail version, I want to have a 200x200 dpi resolution output. I always end up with a 96x96 resolution.

Here are 2 commands I was using, with the same result:

html2image.exe -xdpi=200 -ydpi=200 -url=D:\html2image\Brooktrout.htm

html2image.exe -url=D:\html2image\Brooktrout.htm
-out=D:\html2image\Brooktrout-200x200.tif -xdpi=200 -ydpi=200

I also tried:

html2image.exe -url=D:\html2image\Brooktrout.htm
-out=D:\html2image\Brooktrout-200x200.tif -dpi=200

same result.

If it may help, I attach the html source file and the result of the conversion to this e-mail.

If html2image meets our needs, we may think on buying the "HTML to Image Converter Command Line source code".

Best regards,

You can add "-highquality" parameter to try again, for example,

html2image.exe -url=D:\downloads\Brooktrout.htm -out=D:\downloads\Brooktrout.png -highquality -xdpi=200 -ydpi=200 -width=2000

You will get a better image file with "-highquality" parameter, please to try.



also, html2image can't create the Black&White output TIFF file, but you can use an Image Library to convert color image file to Black and white TIFF file.

We have another option to allow you to convert HTML file to Fax TIFF file, for example, you can use our "HTML Converter Command Line" or "docPrint Pro" to convert HTML file to PDF file first, and use "VeryPDF PDF to Image Converter Command Line" to convert PDF file to Fax ready TIFF file again, "VeryPDF PDF to Image Converter Command Line" does a good job to convert PDF file to Fax ready TIFF file,


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