Print HTML to SPL and Remove HTML Header

VeryDOC HTML Print to SPL Converter is a kind of command line product,which can be used to batch print HTML to Windows Printer, it can print the whole web page's content to Windows Printer without user interaction. And during the printing, sometimes the header or footer is useless for printing. By this software you can remove HTML header casually.

What is SPL?

  For those who are eager to know what is SPL or practicing printing job, the following information will be helpful. Normally speaking,  printing job's spooled data is contained in a spool file, that is SPL. For each printing job there are two spool files generated by the Windows spooler. One file with the .SHD extension for job settings, and the other with.SPL extension for the drawing commands.   More or less, SPL file is like PCL, PostScript, ESC-P, CaPSL, Prescribe or similar.

How to Print HTML to SPL?

Step 1. Download HTMLPrint to Any Converter

  • This software is command line version, for easy uploading and downloading, we have compressed it to zip file.
  • So after downloading, please extract it to your folder then you can check the elements in it.
  • Please read readme.txt first then you can know more about what this software can do for you.

Step 2. Do the printing in compliance with usage.

Usage:html2any.exe [options] <HTML/MHTML file or URL>

  • When simply printing HTML to SPL, please refer to the following command line.
    html2any.exe -printtospl C:\out.spl
    -printtospl <string>    : print HTML document to SPL file
  • This software also can be used to print HTML to other printing file formats like EMF, WMF, XPS, PCL, and PS. Please note that during the conversion, please add corresponding file format parameters.
  • html2any.exe -printtospl C:\out.spl
    html2any.exe -printtoemf C:\out.emf
    html2any.exe -printtowmf C:\out.wmf
    html2any.exe -printtoxps C:\out.xps
    html2any.exe -printtopcl C:\out.pcl
    html2any.exe -printtops C:\

    -printtospl <string>    : print HTML document to SPL file
    -printtoemf <string>    : print HTML document to EMF files
      -printtowmf <string>    : print HTML document to WMF files
      -printtoxps <string>    : print HTML document to XPS files
      -printtopcl <string>    : print HTML document to PCL file
      -printtops <string>     : print HTML document to Postscript file
      -printtopdf <string>    : print HTML document to PDF file, this function is depend on PS to PDF Converter Command Line
      -ps2pdfopt <string>     : set options to ps2pdf.exe application

  • When converting HTML to SPL or file formats, it is normal to see some useless HTML header. For removing the header, please refer to the following template.
    html2any.exe -hfflag off D:\out.spl

Note: if you need to specify the output file format or output file path, please add file path at the end of the command line.

By this method under the help of HTMLPrint to Any Converter, you can convert HTML to SPL and remove HTML header. During the using, if you have any question, please contact us as soon as possible.

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