How to convert PPT/PPTX to SWF and set SWF size

The utility VeryDOC PowerPoint Converter is good at converting PPT/PPTX to SWF and set SWF size on Windows platforms. To know more details about this software and this process, please keep reading this article.

VeryDOC PowerPoint Converter allows Windows users to produce flash, PDF, web page, raster and vector image files variously from PowerPoint files. As other prominent converter, this application enables you to edit properties of targeting files, e.g., SWF size, PDF size, PDF information, SWF frame rate, etc.. However, the advantage of this application is if you own it for good, you can get both GUI and CMD version of this utility one time, so no matter you prefer which version, this utility always satisfy you.

Here is trial version of VeryDOC PowerPoint Converter below:

Download VeryDOC PowerPoint Converter

After you obtain trial version of this software, to know exact command line method to fulfill your own process about this topic, please do not hesitate to read the following paragraphs:

Step1. Run cmd

Running cmd in your computer leads to opened command prompt window, where you can type commands and parameters to accomplish your own conversion later. So firstly, it is requisite to open command prompt.

Step2. Convert PPT/PPTX file to SWF file with specified SWF size

After you open command prompt window, you can refer to following command example to fulfill your process here:

pptconv.exe C:\in1.pptx C:\out1.swf -width 640 -height 480

where directories:

  • pptconv.exe: call executive file “pptconv.exe” for running software
  • C:\in1.pptx: specify input PowerPoint file
  • C:\out1.swf: specify output SWF file

where parameters:

  • -width 640: set SWF width 640
  • -height 480: set SWF height 480

When all prepared work like above is done well, you can use pptconv.exe to convert C:\in1.pptx to C:\out1.swf with specified width 640 and height 480, for example.

Besides SWF size, command version of VeryDOC PowerPoint Converter also allow you to edit PDF size, PDF encryption, PDF information, SWF frame rate, etc., for more articles about more functions of this application, welcome to visit here frequently. Thank you for reading this article, which is about how to convert PPT/PPTX file to SWF file and set SWF size with commands.

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