How to convert PPT to flash and edit SWF frame rate with command line

This article is about how to convert PPT to flash and set SWF frame rate through command line with VeryDOC PowerPoint Converter.

However, you need to know something about VeryDOC PowerPoint Converter here: it not only support GUI conversion, but enable you to use commands to convert PowerPoint files to other popular files, e.g., PDF, SWF, raster images and vector images. For other information about this application, you can go to its homepage above to get more. And then, here is method to use it to convert PPT file to flash file and set SWF frames rate with commands and parameters below:

Step1. Download and install trial version

To use this application, you need to firstly download installer of VeryDOC PowerPoint Converter in your computer, for this utility is a GUI tool containing CMD version, so you need to install this application through double-clicking installer and follow setup wizard step by step, and finally, trial version of GUI and CMD could exist in your own computer one time.

Step2. Open command prompt window

To open command prompt, please run cmd.exe or cmd in your computer, so it could be opened directly, due to suitable environment of commands that command prompt is in Windows systems.

Step3. Convert PPT file to flash file with specified SWF frames rate

Here is an example for you to refer to below for your better process in your computer later:

pptconv.exe C:\in.ppt C:\out.swf -swfrate 36

In the example above, you need to know:

  • pptconv.exe: call executive file “pptconv.exe” to run software itself
  • C:\in.ppt: specify source PowerPoint file
  • C:\out.swf : specify targeting flash file
  • -swfrate 36: set SWF frames rate as 36 frames/second

If you finish typing commands and parameters like above and use this utility to convert PowerPoint file, your own PowerPoint files could be processed to targeting SWF file with specific SWF frames rate immediately. And of course, this SWF file could be added into destination folder you set as above.

After you know how to use VeryDOC PowerPoint Converter to convert PPT file to flash file and edit SWF frames rate with commands, please feel free to visit here when you have free time to know more about this software function and other application that helps you more in your working life!

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