Convert RTF directly to PCL or PDF in memory

Question😀 I have a question related to the Window 32-bit SDK version of your software. My team is exploring options for converting RTF directly to PCL or PDF. Does your product allow an RTF to PCL or PDF conversion in memory or does it only work with physical files on disk.We are interested in speed and working in memory is the best option for us.


Solution: According to your question, two important points have been emphasized: one is the function from RTF directly to PCL or PDF and the other is that running the conversion in memory better than on the disk.  If so, software RTF to PCL Converter (DOC to Any Converter Command Line) is worthy trying. It can convert RTF directly to PCL or PDF, meanwhile if you use the SDK version, you can use functions to call the conversion in memory instead of disk.

First, download software VeryDOC DOC to Any Converter Command Line to your computer.

  • Attention here, if running the conversion in memory is needed, the SDK version in the only choice. So please choose the version SDK .
  • And if you are confused about the difference between SDK Server License and Developer License, here is the answer for you:

Server License: Licensed by per Production Server, easily to be called from ASP/PHP/C#/.NET/... etc. server side applications.  Developer License: Licensed by per Developer, Royalty Free Runtime Desktop Distribution, can be run on any number of servers/computers. Meanwhile, by the Developer License you can redevelop software by this one. And it is allowed to distribute the redeveloped software retaining the original code 30% of our software.

  • Downloading finishes, please unzip it and check the elements and examples for VB, C# and others  in the package. And here are more examples on this website.

Second, run the conversion.

  • There is no example for calling  this software in memory but your can refer to the examples in the package.

Now let us check the conversion effect by DOC to Any Converter from the following snapshot.

RTF to PDF by Doc to Any Converter

If you have any question, please leave us a message here, we will reply you as soon as possible.

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