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Flash to TGA Converter Command Line

TGA, Truevision Graphics Adapter, is an image format widely used for store simpler image of fewer colors. You can use Flash to TGA Converter Command Line to convert Adobe Shockwave Flash (SWF) to TGA images.

VeryDOC Flash to TGA Converter Command Line is a tool specially designed for converting SWF to TGA images. It is free to download and evaluate. Unpack the downloaded package, and you can instantly run the application via a command prompt window without any installation step.


Press and hold "Window" and press "R" on your keyboard, input "cmd" and press [OK], and then you have opened a MS-DOS command prompt window in your Microsoft Windows operating system.


If you have changed the default current directory of the MS-DOS command prompt window to the one where the application is saved, you can call the application directly with its short file name.


Here is an example of command for converting SWF to TGA,
>swf2img.exe -in a.swf -out aa.tga .


The following screen snapshot is of the MS-DOS command prompt window performing converting SWF to TGA.


commands for converting SWF to TGA


In the commands, "swf2img.exe" is to call the application, "-in a.swf" is to tell the converter that the source file is "a.swf", and "-out aa.tga" indicates that the converted image will be saved as "aa.tga".


Flash to TGA Converter Command Line is MS-DOS interface oriented and natively supports being called from a script. If you want to run this application on a server, please buy a server registration key. This application also supports being redistributed within a third-part software package under grant of a developer license.

Features of Flash to TGA Converter Command Line:
  • All Windows platform supported – it can run in 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/2008/7 systems with Adobe Flash Player Plugin installed.
  • Support various target formats – besides TGA, it supports converting flash video frames to various image formats, e.g., SWF to GIF, SWF to JPG, SWF to JPEG, SWF to PNG, SWF to BMP, SWF to PCX, SWF to TIFF, SWF to PNM, SWF to RAS, and SWF to J2K (JPEG2000).
  • Support batch conversion – it can convert frames of more than one flash video to images via batch script.
  • Resize the image – it supports to set the size of the converted images.

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