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How to record screen on video?

VeryDOC Screen Recorder is a powerful desktop tool, which can help you record screen on video. VeryDOC Screen Recorder can record all the activities on the computer, and the audio from microphone in an accurate and quick way. Any part of the screen, any window on the screen or the entire desktop can be recorded. When you want to explain how to do something on a computer, you can show a screen demo video; when you want to save a favorite video to hard disk, you can record the video off the screen; when you want restore the wonderful moment when you play game with your friends, you can use VeryDOC Screen Recorder to record the screen and make your own game movies.

The following will show you how to record screen on video. 5 steps are required.


Step 1: Free download
VeryDOC Screen Recorder by clicking here and you will get 20 times to try the trial version free. The unregistered version has some limitations, so, if you want to buy now, please click here.


Step 2: Run VeryDOC Screen Recorder
After you install VeryDOC Screen Recorder, please double click the icon of VeryDOC Screen Recorder on the desktop, and then the window of VeryDOC Screen Recorder as illustrated below will pop out.

The window of VeryDOC Screen Recorder
Step 3: Select region.
Three options for region selection

There are three options for you to choose. Click on “Region” on the top tool bar on the window, then you can see three options listed on the pull-down listing:
Region ---- Allows you to record any part of the screen. You can keep pressing the left key with the mouse and drag a rectangle of any size on the computer to select wherever you like to record screen on video.
Fix Region ---- enable you to preset the region for recording screen on video.
Full Screen----If you want to record the all the screen, you can select this button. Here we take the last option “Full Screen” as an example.


Step 4: start to record screen
Click the first button, the screen record program will start to record all the activities on the screen. And a list will appear on the window, displaying the recording time, region dimension, etc. If you want to pause, you can add the second button. The activities on the screen during the pause will not be recorded. To restart, you can press the first button again.

The process of recording screen

Step 5: Finish recording screen
Click the third button, the record screen program will stop recording right away, and the “Save to Video File” dialog box will appear on the desktop.
In the dialog box, you can

  • Select a directory to output the video in the list box;
  • Enter the name the newly created video in the “File Name” edit box;
  • Select a proper option in the “Save as type” combo box. As you can see, there are seven options in the pull-down list. You can specify anyone you like as the output format;
  • Click “Save” to close the dialog box and then, the computer will open the newly created video by default.
To save the video

The following screenshot can show the effect of the newly created AVI video file.

The effect of one screen recording video
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