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TGA to Vector Converter

TGA is short for Truevision Graphics Adapter, an image format that use pixels to save the information of a photo or picture. The format using pixels is a kind of raster image format. A raster image cannot maintain the clarity and quality at high level of magnification. Being different from a raster image, a vector image uses control points and paths to save and display the patterns in the image. TGA to Vector Converter is a powerful application that converts raster TGA images to vector supported files, for example, a PDF file.

You can download the application for free evaluation via this link. The application is developed for using with MS-DOS interface, and you can directly run it after unpack the downloaded package into your disk.


Before running the application, you should open a MS-DOS command prompt window in your system. Select [start] menu [Run] input “cmd” press [OK], then you have opened a MS-DOS command prompt window.


Change the default current directory of the MS-DOS command prompt to the directory where the application is unpacked, and you can run the application via call its name of executable file “Raster2Vector.exe”.
The following command line is for converting a raster image “raster.tga” to vector file “vector.pdf” using “Raster2Vector.exe”.
>Raster2Vector.exe raster.tga vector.pdf .


The following two figures are the display effect of the raster TGA image and vector PDF file.

serrate raster image

In the first figure, you see that curves of the raster image cannot remain smooth when the image is magnified.

smooth vector image

In the next figure, you can see that the curves remain smooth and clear when the vector image is magnified.

This application supports two types of authentication license. One is a server license with which you can run this application on your server. The other one is a developer license, with which you can redistribute this application in your developed software package.

TGA to Vector Converter provides these options:
  • -pagesize : set the page size for converted image (default is letter)
  • -width : set the width of output page in a unit of in/cm/pt
  • -height : set the height of output page in a unit of in/cm/pt
  • -res : set the resolution in a unit of dpi
  • -rotate : rotate counterclockwise by an angle
  • -margin : set margin to output page in a unit of in/cm/pt (e.g., 1.2in)
  • -lmargin : set left margin to output page in a unit of in/cm/pt (e.g., 1.2cm)
  • -rmargin : set right margin to output page in a unit of in/cm/pt (e.g., 3pt)
  • -tmargin : set top margin to output page in a unit of in/cm/pt (e.g., 1.2in)
  • -bmargin : set bottom margin to output page in a unit of in/cm/pt (e.g., 1.2in)
  • -tight: remove whitespace around the input image
  • -linecolor : set line color in format of hexadecimal “#rrggbb” (default is black)
  • -fillcolor : set fill color for closed paths in format of hexadecimal “#rrggbb” (default is transparent)
  • -opaque: make white shapes opaque
  • -speckle : suppress speckles of size less than pixels (default is 2 pixels)
  • -invert: reverse color of input image
  • -svggroup: group related paths together
  • -svgflat: make the whole image a single path
  • -bwthreshold : set threshold value for color image for Black-White conversion (default is 240)
  • -method2: use the alternative algorithm when the default one does not work
  • -centerline: trace a curve's centerline rather than its outline and rebuild the curve
  • -pdfres : set resolution in a unit of DPI for output pdf file (default is 150 DPI)
  • -v: Print copyright and version info
  • -h: Print usage information
  • -help: Print usage information
  • -?: Print usage information
  • -$ : register the application
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