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Flash to PSD Converter

PSD is the extension name of Photoshop Document, which is used to store images with most Photoshop supported options included. Shockwave flash is a popular technology for displaying videos and creating games on the Internet. If you need to convert frames of SWF videos to PSD files, you can use application VeryDOC Flash to PSD Converter.

The application VeryDOC Flash to PSD Converter can be downloaded for free here. If you need to use the full function of the application, you may buy a license for your application. The main interface form of the application designed like that presented in the following screen snapshot. The SWF files in the table of file list in the upper right part of the form are waiting for being converted to PSD images. You can click one item in the table and then preview the SWF video on the left of the table. Right click on in any area of the table will activate a context menu to manipulate the items of the table. You may also use the buttons in the lower left part of the form to manipulate the items in the file list.


Before converting, you have to set some options for the conversion. Press [Options] in the main form and come to the dialog as presented in the next screen snapshot.


In group box "Basic Setting" of the dialog, choose "psd" in dropdown list "Convert Format" to set the target format to PSD. You can add special effects to the converted PSD images using options in group box "Special Effect". The option "Spread" is the effect to blur the converted images. A larger number input in the corresponding text box means that the converted images are more blurry. In this case, the number is set to 5. After setting all required options, press [OK] to exit to the main form of the application.
In the main form of the application, press [Convert] to start the conversion and then your SWF videos are converted to PSD images. Every frame of the SWF video is converted into a single PSD image. After the conversion, you can edit your converted PSD using Adobe Photoshop or other supported applications. The last figure is the effect of a converted PSD image, and you can see that the effect of "Spread" is used for it.

Features of Flash to PSD Converter:
  • All Windows platform supported – it can run in 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/2008/7 systems with Adobe Flash Player Plugin installed.
  • Support batch conversion – it can convert video frames of more than one flash to PSD images in one conversion process.
  • Resize the image – it supports to set the size of the converted PSD images.
  • Rotate the image – it supports to rotate the converted PSD images.
  • Reverse the image – it supports to reverse the PSD images in vertical or horizontal direction.
  • Special effect – it supports to add special effects to converted PSD images.
  • Automatic preview – it can automatically preview the converted PSD images with associated application.
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