xls conversion and improving the tiff conversion look

I am on a short term contract to improve an existing licensed application for Staging Connections and I would like some assistance regarding getting the conversion working better.

a) XLS conversion failing.

I am having a problem with the xls conversion with doc2any.

- When I ask for -useoffice 0  doc2any fails with 'error' when converting a simple XLS file

- When I ask for a -multipagetif it fails with 'error' when converting a simple XLS file.  (with or without useoffice switch)

The same commands work perfectly for .doc files.

In order to work around my problem I am having to convert to PDF  with -useoffice 1 default and then convert to tiff,  (which is the format I need for my project).    Loading office slows down the application and let alone also converting the PDF.

Could you please advise if there is any additional settings that I can use or when a patch will be available.

a)  Look of the tiff format of doc not up to scratch.

The quality of the conversion to tiff is not acceptable to my client.    I need some suggestions to improve the look of the documents.

- The documents are A4 input and they are converted to TIFF to appear in an MDI.    The quality of the conversion is not great.  I have increased the resolution to 600 DPI and this has improved the situation.

- The images are formatted to the left hand side of the page and right at the top (ie without margins).   Is there a way to get the software to respect Document margin settings?

- Is there any suggested settings to make the whole thing look a lot better when converting to Tiff.


>>a) XLS conversion failing.

Thanks for your message, our doc2any.exe can read DOC format without MS Office installed, however, it can't read XLS format itself, you need install MS Excel application and use "-useoffice 1" parameter in order to convert XLS and XLSX documents to PDF or TIFF files.

For the DOC format, doc2any.exe can convert it to PDF or TIFF format without use MS Word application.

>>a)  Look of the tiff format of doc not up to scratch.

You can add "-useprinter" parameter to convert MS Excel and Word documents to high quality TIFF files, for example,

Doc2any.exe -useprinter -useoffice 1 -xres 600 -yres 600 C:\test.doc C:\out.tif

Doc2any.exe -useprinter -useoffice 1 -xres 600 -yres 600 C:\test.xls C:\out.tif

We hoping above command lines will work better for you, please run them to try.

My conversion is now running fine.   I am now having a problem with the resolution of the html file.

c:\doc2any\doc2any.exe -multipagetif -log c:\Logfiles\doc2any_prod.log -useoffice 1 -xres 300 -yres 300   "{0}" "{1}"

When given a URL this gives me a 96 DPI image which looks awful. I tried -useoffice 0 and -useoffice 1 and it made no difference.  If I have -useprinter on a url no tiff image is produced at all.

How do I get the resolution up?


PS:  your comment about not being able to have '-useoffice 0' on xls files directly conflicts with the command line options,  doc2any displays the following line:

-useoffice 0: Don't use MS Office to convert DOC,DOCX,RTF,TXT,PPT,PPTX,XLS,XLSX formats
You can add "-useprinter" and "-useoffice 1" options to convert HTML file to high quality TIFF file, for example,

c:\doc2any\doc2any.exe -multipagetif -log c:\Logfiles\doc2any_prod.log -useoffice 1 -useprinter -xres 300 -yres 300   "{0}" "{1}"

Also, if you use "-useoffice 0" parameter, doc2any.exe will convert DOC, RTF, TXT, documents to other formats, it will fail on DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS and XLSX formats, please understand this matter.


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