What is difference between Word DOC and RTF? Is your product support both DOC and RTF formats?

“Yes” VeryDOC PDF to Word Converter support both DOC and RTF formats.Now I will show you the differences between the Word DOC and RFT.

A: Let’s see the difference form the full names of the two formats. doc = Microsoft Word Document (usually)    rtf = Rich Text Format Document  Word can read all RTF files, but not all RTF readers can read DOC files.  From this aspect we can know that maybe the DOC files you can use it more freely but if the rft you need  legally permitted.

B: From the extensive application of these two formats, doc file is a Document file, maybe only top level word processing programs like Microsoft Word and Star Office can read this kind of format. But an .rtf file is a rich text file, and can be read by most txt editors, no matter how basic. So the latter will be more easy to read and get.

C: From the the effect and size after compression. .doc file compresses a saved file much better than an .rtf file. If you try making a document in word with lots of pictures and then save it once as a .doc file then try to save by rtf file again and compare the file , your eyes will tell you the truth .The .doc file will be considerably smaller but to your surprise, the txt will be much smaller than the .doc files.

VeryDOC PDF to Word Converter support both two formats. Whether you should choose former or latter depending on your requirement to your aim files. No matter doc or rft, each has its Strength and Weakness. If you just convert word text form PDF, there is no big difference. However, it is picture form PDF, you have to choose it carefully. Or the easiest way is trying both and get the better and abandon another one.

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What is difference between Word DOC and RTF? Is your product support both DOC and RTF formats?, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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