Reduce PDF File Size with VeryDOC JBIG2 Library: Efficient PDF and Image with JBIG2 Compression Solution

VeryDOC JBIG2 Library is a powerful tool that can compress scanned image files into smaller PDF files. This library is based on the JBIG compression scheme, which is a standardized (ISO/IEC 14492) image compression algorithm for bitonal images (black & white).


One of the major advantages of JBIG2 is its ability to compress images in either lossless or lossy mode. In the lossless mode, the compression rate is often much higher than CCITT4 Group 4 Compression. Additionally, JBIG2 can be used in PDF documents since version 1.4 of the PDF format, and it is supported in all PDF/A versions.

The JBIG2 encoding functionalities that allow you to read and write JBIG2 images are part of the VeryDOC PDF Compression software. This library supports single and multipage JBIG2 format and adds support for compression in PDF documents. The encoding part is based on a constantly improved compression engine which can be used to compress image either in lossless or lossy mode.

It is worth noting that lossy encoding can produce very unexpected results, and this scheme is suitable for all types of bitonal images when the lossless encoding is used. It is not suitable for lossy compression of sensitive data, where even the slightest substitution of symbols can produce unexpected problems.

The VeryDOC JBIG2 Library has several main features, including the ability to read and write single and multipage JBIG2 images. It can also convert from more than 100 document formats to JBIG2, and enhance PDF compression using the JBIG2Decode filter instead of CCITTFaxDecode. This library supports both lossless and lossy compression, with a sophisticated pattern matching and substitution engine (based on full page layout analysis) to prevent as much as possible undesired substitutions.

The VeryDOC JBIG2 Library can compress 2-5 times more than CCITT4, has low memory usage, and is available in 32 bit & 64 bit versions, making it compatible with anyCPU. It can also work in multi-thread applications and has a constantly improved encoding engine.

In conclusion, VeryDOC JBIG2 Library is a powerful tool that can help you compress your scanned image files into smaller PDF files. With its ability to compress images in either lossless or lossy mode and support for more than 100 document formats, this library is an essential tool for document processing applications. If you need a custom development service based on this library, VeryDOC also provides this service.

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