VeryDOC PDF to PDF/A Converter Command Line is a PDF/A validation and conversion software

VeryDOC PDF to PDF/A Converter Command Line is a PDF/A (ISO 19005-1) validation and conversion software, it is a command-line tool, you can call it from your scripts or applications or run it by manual, you can also call it from Windows Services or Web site applications.


VeryDOC PDF to PDF/A Converter Command Line analyses the content of existing PDF files and performs a sequence of modifications in order to produce a PDF/A compliant document. Features that are not suitable for long-term archiving (such as encryption, obsolete compression schemes, missing fonts, or device-dependent color) are replaced with their PDF/A compliant equivalents. Because the conversion process applies only necessary changes to the source file, the information loss is minimal.

VeryDOC PDF to PDF/A Converter Command Line does not rely on other third-party software. VeryDOC PDF to PDF/A Converter Command Line can be used in server environments or as a batch conversion process.

You can download a trial version of VeryDOC PDF to PDF/A Converter Command Line from following web page,

If you encounter any problem with this software, please feel free to let us know, we will assist you asap.

PDF2PDFA-CL is a command-line application based on our PDF/A converter component and serves to convert PDF files to the PDF/A-1b, PDF/A-2b, PDF/A-3b etc. formats.

VeryDOC PDF to PDF/A Converter Command Line highlight features:
* Converts PDF to PDF / A-1b, 2b, 3b, etc. formats.
* Command line application.
* Processes – single files, lists of text files, folders and whole folder structures.
* Only a specified folder or entire subfolder structure can be processed.
* Convert PDF documents to PDF/A-1, PDF/A-2, PDF/A-3.
* Support for all PDF/A conformance levels.
* Make color spaces device-independent, e.g. by embedding ICC profile or setting an output intent.
* Embed and subset fonts.
* Colorants management (PDF/A-2 and later).
* Recover corrupt documents.
* Repair corrupt data such as embedded font programs or images.
* Remove transparency (PDF/A-1 only).
* Remove malicious content such as attached files (PDF/A-1 and PDF/A-2) and JavaScript actions.
* Remove multimedia content such as video and sound.
* Conversion of embedded and attached files (PDF/A-2 and later).
* Repair metadata and make them consistent.
* Read encrypted input files.
* Enhance output file.
* Set metadata.
* Linearization for fast web view.
* Use PDF file compression features (PDF/A-2 and later).

Supported formats:
* Input Formats
*** PDF 1.0 to 1.7
*** PDF 2.0

* Output Formats
*** PDF/A-1a*, PDF/A-1b
*** PDF/A-2a*, PDF/A-2b, PDF/A-2u
*** PDF/A-3a*, PDF/A-3b, PDF/A-3u

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