How to specify printing color when printing URL/HTML/MHTML

In this article, I will show you how to specify printing color when printing URL/HTML/MHTML with command line on Windows platforms.

VeryDOC HTMLPrint Command Line is our main converting tool, which allows you to print various files, e.g., online web page – URL, HTML, MHTML files through commands. Also this application could be used to set targeting properties, e.g., printing color, printer resolution, etc., so, if you would like to know more details about using this software to specify printing color when printing HTML/URL/MHTML, you can keep reading this article.

Step1. Download package

Here is package of this software for you to download:

Download VeryDOC HTMLPrint Command Line

Then, after you download package above, please extract its content to your computer in order to use this application in your computer.

Step2. Run cmd.exe

Running cmd.exe can help you open command prompt window, which is running environment of commands in your computer. The details are as follow:

Click start > select run on start menu > input cmd.exe and click ok in pop dialog box, and then, command prompt window could pop on screen directly.

Step3. Print HTML/URL/MHTML and specify printing color

After command prompt window is opened, please type commands and parameters for your own conversion referring to following examples:

htmlprint.exe -color 1 C:\test1.htm

htmlprint.exe –color 2

where you may need to know:

  • -color <int>: specify color or monochrome to printer
    1 : monochrome
    2 : color
  • htmlprint.exe is to call executive file “htmlprint.exe” for running software itself
  • C:\test1.htm is to specify source local web page
  • is to specify source online web page via URL

When you finish typing commands like above, please click enter so that it can be successful to print HTML/URL/MHTML and specify printing color. If you type parameter “-color 1”, specific color could be monochrome; if you input parameter “-color 2”, targeting printed file could be colorful.

After you use VeryDOC HTMLPrint Command Line to specify printing color during printing HTML/URL/MHTML with commands, if you want to try this application, please click following icon:

Download VeryDOC HTMLPrint Command Line

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