How can I reuse the PDF file in OpenOffice application?

As it is known to all that PDF is the abbreviation for Portable Document Format. This is the most common standard for exchanging electronic documents in the world. So it is widely used in our work and study. Meanwhile how can we reuse it in our daily working is a topic now? And how to  reuse it in the Open Office? And Open Office has a standard option called ‘Save as PDF’. We can use it more accurate in the Open Office.

Let’s have a check how the VeryDOC PDF to Word Converter tackle this problems.  VeryDOC PDF aims to research the simple and convenient software for all the users.

  • Now we need have a visit this website then download it form this link.
  • I will take an example illustrate the way of using. However. once you get this software,you will feel my explanation is useless because this software is so easy to handle.
  • 111 
  • You have two way to add files. As the picture shows: a drag it to the blanks b:By clicking  “Add PDF File”.
  • And it has 4 function keys. They are about the output forms of the word document. After choosing the menu list you can “convert” it .
  • Then you will get a word document like this. I will give you the original one and the converted one. You can compare it.
  • 22_副本
  • 33_副本
  • Now i will use it in my Open Office. See it, i made it.
  • 44_副本
  • By trying, i can tell you confidently that VeryDOC PDF to Word Converter can reuse the pdf files in the Open Office.
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