Difference between PDF and PDF/A

Mentioned about the difference between the document of PDF and PDF/A, you should know what is PDF and PDF/A at first. In this article, you will also see how to convert the document of PDF to PDF/A with the command line application VeryDOC PDF to PDFA Converter in following contents.

What is PDF?

PDF is short for Portable Document Format which is designed by Adobe Systems in 1993. It allows you to read electronic documents, either on or off line. The PDF document rely on external information when storing documents such as font libraries. This may result in the problems for retrieval far in the future.

What is PDF/A?

PDF/A is a version of PDF. When you create a PDF/A document, all the information are embedded in PDF/A document and any readers can open and read the documents of PDF/A anytime and anywhere. So you can also understand the name “PDF/A” as archival PDF which means that the document suites for long-time storage.

Differences between PDF and PDF/A?

The most obvious difference between them is that PDF/A is suite for long-term storage but PDF is not. As time flies, PDF/A documents can store archiving digital documents without any changes. When you create a PDF/A documents, all the information needed for opening the documents are embedded in PDF/A document and you just need a PDF/A reader to read the document in the future. While the PDF document cannot do this.

How to convert PDF to PDF/A?

So converting PDF to PDF/A will be a smart choice for you if you want to save your PDF document for a long time. Then the command line application VeryDOC PDF to PDF/A Converter will do you a great favor. Before using it, please download a free trial version at https://www.verydoc.com/pdf2pdfa_cmd.zip. You need to extract the ZIP file to the disk of your computer and then the executable file pdf2pdfa.exe will be runnable at once.

You just need to open MS-DOS prompt window to input the command line in it. You can click “Start”—“Run” to open “Run” dialog box and input “cmd” in “Open” combo box. Then please click “OK” button. You can also use the combination “Window”+ “R” on the keyboard to open “Run” dialog box.

The command line to be inputted in MS-DOS interface is consisted of called program which is the executable file pdf2pdfa.exe, source file which is the PDF document to be converted and the target file which is the PDF/A document which you want to get after the conversion. For your better understanding the command line, please see the following example:

pdf2pdfa.exe D:\IN.pdf D:\OUT.pdf

In the command line, you should use the paths of each file.

For running the conversion from the document of PDF to PDF/A, please hit “Enter” button on the keyboard. If you want to learn more information about the command line application VeryDOC PDF to PDF/A Converter, please click here.

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