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PCX format file is commonly used by some fax and scanning applications and it supports 24-bit color images, 8-bit grayscale, indexed color images and 1-bit black and white images. If you want to convert the file of EPS to PCX format image, you can take the command line application VeryDOC Postscript to Image Converter as your helper. It is a kind of application which supports to convert EPS to PS format file to a variety kinds of high-quality image formats.

When using this application, you don’t need to install any other programs because it is a standalone application. Also, there is no need to install Postscript to Image Converter to your computer because it is only a ZIP file which needs to be unzipped and then the application is usable instantly.

You can download the trial version of Postscript to Image Converter at the following link: This version is free of charge. However, if you want to get the official version of the application in order to use all the functions without any limitations, please buy it by getting into its homepage: where supplies four kinds of licenses to meet different requirements from different users.

The following contents are for you to learn how to convert EPS to PCX. In the conversion process, if you have any questions or any good advices to improve the application, welcome to leave a message.

The first step: Open MS-DOS interface

Postscript to Image Converter is a MS-DOS oriented one and you need to open MS-DOS interface before you start the conversion. You can click “Start”—“Run” to open “Run” dialog box in which you need to input “cmd” in “Open” combo box and click “OK” button. You can also press and hold “Window”+ “R” keyboard shortcuts to open “Run” dialog box.

The second step: Input the command line

The command line to be inputted into MS-DOS interface is consisted of called program, source file and target file. The called program is ps2img.exe that we mentioned above, please use EPS format file that you want to convert as the source file and the target file is the created PCX format image. To better understand the command line, you can see the following example:

ps2img –i C:\ABCD.eps –o C:\EFGH.pcx

The meaning the command line is the program ps2img will convert the input file C:\ABCD.eps to the output file C:\EFGH.pcx. In the command line, the options “-i” and “-o” cannot be ignored and you need to input the file path of each file appearing in the command line. If you don’t like to input a long file path, you can directly drag the file and drop it into MS-DOS interface and the file will turn to its path at once.

The last step: Run the conversion

At last, please hit “Enter” button on the keyboard to run the conversion from EPS to PCX and then all the conversion operations come to the end.

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