Postscript to Tiff Command Line Converter

   VeryDOC Postscript to Tiff Converter can be used to convert PS to TIFF by command line in batch. This  application can help you   create tiff  in perfect representations of the original PS files. All PS fonts, forms and other resources are reproduced exactly as they are on PostScript printers. It is easy to use as it uses the simply command line and parameters and it is totally standalone software.  During the conversion, it optimizes images for archiving, retrieval and display. In the following part, let us check how to use it and how it works.

Step 1. Download Postscript to Tiff Converter

  • This software is command line version, for uploading and downloading easily, we have compressed it to zip file. As there are many related elements like user manual, bat file and exe file included in the package.
  • After downloading, please extract it to some folder then you can check the elements in it.

Step 2. Convert PS to TIFF

Usage: ps2img [options] <-i PS File> [-o Output]

  • When just simply convert one PS to tif, please refer to the following command line. Please do not forget to input the parameter –i and –o.
    ps2img -i C:\ -o C:\output.tif
  • -i [input PS file]   : Input PS filename
    -o [output TIF file] : Output TIFF filename

  • When you need to do batch conversion, you can choose to use wild character or bat file. By wild character, the whole folder or directories ps files will be converted to tiff in one go. 
    ps2img -i C:\*.ps -o C:\*.tif
  • When you need to convert PS file to multipage tiff file, please use parameter –m, like the following command line.
    ps2img -m -i C:\ -o C:\output.tif
    -m  : Set output to multi-page TIFF file, the default is output to single page TIFF files
  • When we need to choose page range to be converted, there is also parameters available for you.
    -f [first Page]      : First page to convert
    -l [last Page]       : Last page to convert
    ps2img -f 1 -l 9 C:\ -o C:\output.tif
  • When we need to compress the output tif file, there are nine method available for you. Please check corresponding parameters in the following.
  • -c [compress]        : Set compression method in generated image files(for tif only)
    -c none          : Create TIFF file without compression
    -c lzw           : Compress TIFF using LZW arithmetic
    -c jpeg          : Compress TIFF using JPEG arithmetic
    -c packbits      : Compress TIFF using packbits arithmetic
    -c g3            : Compress TIFF using CCITT G3 arithmetic
    -c g4            : Compress TIFF using CCITT G4 arithmetic
    -c ClassF        : Compress TIFF into Fax compatible ClassF 204x98 format
    -c ClassF196     : Compress TIFF into Fax compatible ClassF 204x196 format

    Here I can not list all its functions here, if you are interested in this software, please free download it and check them in the readme.txt.  During the using, if you have any question, please contact us as soon as possible.

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