How to run conversion of HTML with custom fonts to PS and PDF documents?

Question:Hello, I am looking for tool that helps me to convert HTML pages to PS and PDF formats. Our site has custom fonts (woff) and I am wondering if your tool can use these fonts for generating PS and PDF documents. I downloaded trial version of your application and it works fine but instead of fonts from site it uses Arial and ArialBold. Can you explain if this feature is
supported and if yes then provide me with advice how my goal can be reached. Hoping there is a solution on VeryDOC?

Answer: According to your needs, I guess software VeryDOC HTMLPrint to Any Converter is better for you. I do not know which software have you tried but this software can satisfy your conversion needs like converting HTML to Postscript , HTML to PDF. This software will print HTML to Postscript or PDF using system fonts, so you do not need to worry that the embedded fonts of HTML file can not be converted normally. Please check more information of this software on homepage,in the following part, I will show you how to convert HTML with custom fonts to PS or PDF documents without any errors.

Step 1. Free download HTMLPrint to Any Converter Command Line

  • This is command line version software, when downloading finishes,it is a zip file. You need to unzip it then you can use it normally.
  • This software depends on MS Internet Explorer to render HTML pages, so it is support all features which supported by MS Internet Explorer application.

Step 2. Convert HTML Postscript , HTML to PDF.

  • Here is the usage of this software, please have a check:html2any.exe [options] <HTML/MHTML file or URL>
  • When converting HTML to Postscript , HTML to PDF, please refer to the following command line templates:
  • html2any.exe -printtops C:\
    html2any.exe -printtopdf C:\out.pdf
    html2any.exe -printtopdf C:\out.pdf -ps2pdfopt "-ownerpwd owner -keylen 2 -encryption 3900"
    Please ignore the embedded fonts problem as this software can help you process it automatically.

  • Here are some parameters you may need:
  • -printtops  <string> : print HTML document to Postscript file.
    -printtopdf <string> : print HTML document to PDF file, this function is depend on PS to PDF Converter Command Line.
    -ps2pdfopt  <string>   : set options to ps2pdf.exe application.
    -marginleft <int>   : set left margin when print HTML file, unit is point
    -margintop <int>    : set top margin when print HTML file, unit is point
    -marginright <int>  : set right margin when print HTML file, unit is point
    -marginbottom <int> : set bottom margin when print HTML file, unit is point
    -hfflag <string>    : set HTML header/footer to off or on
    -header <string>    : set HTML header text
    -footer <string>    : set HTML footer text
    -postdata <string>  : set postdata when print HTML file

Please check more parameters and functions on homepage. During the using, if you have any question, please contact us as soon as possible.

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