Convert DWG to Flash specifying width and height

  Question: Hello! I tried out your product to convert from dwg to swf file format but the output dimensions of the SWF (width and height) was different from the ones of the DXF.Is there a way to convert from dwg to swf keeping the right dimensions?


Solution: Please use software VeryDOC DXF to SWF Converter, during the conversion please use parameters “-width <int> ,           -height <int> ” to specify the width and height, for example, dwg2vec.exe -width 612 -height 792 C:\test.dwg C:\out.swf. The following part is pertaining to detail steps for the conversion.

Step 1. Download DXF to SWF Converter.

  • Please go to webpage of this software then read knowledge concerning to it. The more you know about it, the more easier when you use it.
  • Choose the corresponding version to download it by clicking the button Download.  
  • After downloading, you will find it is command line version software. So please unzip it and check the elements in it.
  • If you are familiar with command line software, it is just a piece of cake for you.

Step 2. Run the conversion.

  • Call the executable file in the Ms Dos Windows.
  • Follow examples in the readme.txt file.

                1. Simply convert dwg file to swf
                    dwg2vec.exe C:\test.dwg C:\out.swf

               2. Convert all the dwg files in the C disk to swf files using wild character.
                     dwg2vec.exe C:\*.dwg C:\*.pdf

               3. Control line width, width and height  in the output swf file.
                   dwg2vec.exe -linewidth "1=0.1;2=0.1;3=0.1"  -width 612 -height 792 C:\test.dwg C:\out.swf

  • After inputting command line, simply press the Enter on the keyboard to start the conversion.

Check the conversion effect. Now let us have a glace of the source dwg file from the following snapshot.

example dwf file
Fig. 1. example dwf file

Now let us check the following snapshot which are from two output flash files: one have been specified in the width and height and the other is not.

specified and not specified hegith and width
          Fig. 2. specified and not specified hegith and width

From the above snapshot, we can compare that the characters in the first one is smaller than the ones in the second. So the width and height have been set successfully.

During the using, if you have further question, please contact us by the ways  supported on the contact us website.

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