Change PDF to PDF/A and edit PDF author name

A command line application will be introduced in this article because it has the ability to convert the document of PDF to PDF/A and set parameters for the target file such as editing PDF author name. The application to be used is named as PDF to PDF/A Converter.

PDF to PDF/A Converter allows you to convert your existing normal or scanned PDF documents into ISO 19005-1 PDF/A-compliant archivable documents, which helps to ensure that you can find the right document when you need it, and the document will appear the same way as it did when you archived it.

By using PDF to PDF/A Converter to convert your PDF files to PDF/A , you will find that your documents will be archivable and display reliably.

If you want to try the application, you are recommended to download the free trial version of the application at and extract it to your computer. Then you should use the executable file pdf2pdfa.ex as the called program.

The specific conversion steps are as follows:

Step1. Please open the conversion platform which means MS-DOS interface for PDF to PDF/A is a MS-DOS oriented application. Just click “Start”—“Run” to open “Run” dialog box and input “cmd” in “Open” combo box. Then please click “OK” button. If you don’t like this way, you can also use the hot key “Window”+ “R” to open “Run” dialog box.

Step2. You need to input the command line in MS-DOS interface. The command line contains called program, parameter for editing PDF author name, source file and target file. The following command line is an example for your reference:

pdf2pdfa.exe –author “Nancy” D:\In.pdf D:\Out.pdf


  • pdf2pdfa.exe stands for the called program.
  • –author “Nancy” is for setting PDF author name as “Nancy”.
  • D:\In.pdf  is the path of source file.
  • D:\Out.pdf  is the name of target file.

When you write the command line, please pay attention to the following points:

  • Remember to use the path of the file used in the command line.
  • If the file path is too long and you don’t want to input it word by word, you can copy and paste the path in the command line window or just drag the file you need into the window directly. Then the path of the file will come out.

Step3. Please click “Enter” button on the keyboard to run the conversion from PDF to PDF/A. More information about PDF to PDF/A Converter is at its homepage, by clicking the link:, you can also purchase the application.

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