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VeryDOC PDF Stamper

PDF Stamper

VeryDOC PDF Stamper can be used to add logos and watermarks to your PDF files in batches. This software application is useful when you need to add your company's new designed logo, home website link, slogans and others to all the company PDF files in one go.

VeryDOC PDF Stamper allows you to stamp PDF with images, text, graphic lines and rectangles. The stamp image format could be JPEG/JPG, GIF, PCX, TGA, ICO, PNG, JP2, PNM, TIFF/TIF, BMP, etc. And you can set the text color, size and style as you like.

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How to use

The following is the workflow chart of PDF Stamper. For more details, please check the user manual.

VeryDOC PDF Stamper

Who Need VeryDOC PDF Stamper?

Publishers—Publishers can enforce the copyright to electronic documents like books, university scripts and seminar documentation with this software application. They can choose the page range, add the copyright information at the first page or the last page, specify at the menu option, etc.

Documenters—Documenters needs to archived files according to the document properties and then store them well for long preservation. VeryDOC PDF Stamper lets them apply specific labels such as Copy or Confidential to PDF documents without changing the original content. Logos and signatures of the documenters can also be added to PDF easily.

Company Sell Departments—Nowadays, most of the company sell departments provide very clear user manuals for potential customers to learn more about their products. Paper manuals can be printed directly. But for PDF manuals, some professional tool is needed to add footer, header, logo, author, date and other basic information. VeryPDF PDF Stamper is a good choice.

What Can VeryDOC PDF Stamper Add?

Image Stamp—You can add image stamps to files in many kinds of formats like JPEG/JPG, GIF, PCX, TGA, ICO, PNG, JP2, PNM, TIFF/TIF, and BMP. You can specify the image stamp width and height, and place the image stamp wherever you like in PDF file.

Text Stamp—You can add tens of text stamps to one PDF file. The color, size, style can be customized. You can add dynamic text stamps like local time, local date, author and PDF file name to PDF. When add a text stamp, you can also create a hyperlink to connect the text stamp to a website.

Line Stamp—You can add line stamps to PDF files. With this product, you can specify the line width, color, height and scale rate. You can also rotate any line stamp through any angle. In addition to that, you can place line stamps wherever you like in PDF pages.

Features of VeryDOC PDF Stamper
  • Standalone software. Do not depend on other software.
  • Support all versions of PDF document formats.
  • Keep the original PDF files intact and it will not destroy original PDF layout, text style and others.
  • Option to choose page range. You can specify the start and the end page.
  • Add dynamic text stamps on PDF, like "local date", "local time", "Subject", etc.
  • Stamp PDF files with images in various formats: JPEG/JPG, GIF, PCX, TGA, ICO, PNG, JP2, PNM, TIFF/TIF, BMP, etc.
  • Option to add text stamps to PDF with various effects.
  • Support various fonts. Add text watermarks by using the standard Base 15 Fonts and Windows System Fonts.
  • Support color settings: gray scale and RGB Color (0-255 RGB color values).
  • Allow you to rotate the text stamps on any angle.
  • It can overwrite original PDF file if you need.
  • It can help you monitor folders for automatic stamping.
  • It can stamp PDF files and back up original PDF file in the format of bak.
  • It can save the unfinished PDF stamp in the format of spf for future design.
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