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VeryDOC Encrypt PDF

VeryDOC Encrypt PDF

VeryDOC Encrypt PDF can be used to protect PDF files from opening, editing, printing, etc. You can use this product to set open or user password to protect the PDF from opening without authorization, and set owner or permissions password to allow users to view PDF without changing or printing PDF content.


This software application has a user friendly interface. It is extremely easy to use. You only need to drag and drop input PDF files to the main interface and then let the product encrypt PDF in a couple of seconds.

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How to use

The following is the workflow chart of Encrypt PDF. For more details, please check the user manual.

VeryDOC Encrypt PDF
Why Encrypt PDF?

Setting password for PDF file is like locking your apartment when you are off. Passwords protect PDF files. Once a PDF is protected by an open or user password, it cannot be opened or viewed by anyone who has no password. Once a PDF is protected by a permissions or owner password, this PDF cannot be printed, modified or copied by anyone who is not authorized. Even if encrypted PDF files are lost, the PDF contents won't be accessed by anyone else unless he has the passwords.


How to Choose Software for Encryption?

Good and Affordable —lots of users just want to add passwords to PDF files without editing PDF. If you are looking for a simple yet professional tool to encrypt PDF, VeryDOC Encrypt PDF is the best for you. This product only costs $38.00. It is really worth trying.

Easy to Use—there are a large amount of PDF encryptors in the markets. However, most of them are too complicated to download and use. You may need to input your email address, home address and other private information when try to download one. Even If it is downloaded, it would cause pains to learn how to use it. Let alone most of its functions are useless for you. VeryDOC Encrypt PDF is a professional tool only for adding passwords. And it is very easy to use.

Bath Processing —when set passwords for a bunch of PDF files, you will find that batch processing can save a lot of time. VeryDOC Encrypt PDF supports batch processing. Only four steps are required: drag PDF files from its containing folder, drop them to the interface of the software, choose a place to save the output files and then let the software do the job at once.

All in One—the software allows you to set open password and user password at either the 40 bit level or the 128 bit level. It can help you disable printing, editing, changing or others. Multiple functions are provided for encrypting PDF files.

User Password vs Master Password

User/open password. If you want to read an open password protected PDF file, you need to have an open password.

Owner/master/permissions passwords can be used to protect PDF files from printing, editing, change and copying. With an owner password, users can get full access to the PDF file. For example, if printing is disabled, users need to use owner passwords to print the PDF files.

Features of VeryDOC Encrypt PDF
  • Easy to use.
  • Support drag and drop.
  • Standalone software. When it is working, it does not need Adobe Acrobat software.
  • Add permissions password to all the PDF files in an archive at a time.
  • Set open or user passwords to protect PDF from unauthorized opening.
  • Set owner or permissions passwords to protect PDF from unauthorized editing, printing, and coping.
  • Support 40-bit or 128-bit PDF encryption.
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