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VeryDOC Advanced PDF Tools

VeryDOC Advanced PDF Tools

VeryDOC Advanced PDF Tools can be used to edit PDF documents in batches. It can be used to change PDF basic information, change PDF open action, edit PDF page size and others. You can consider it as a light version of Adobe software.

All these function we talked about can be done without Adobe software installed. Even if you do not have PDF reader installed, those functions can also be realized.

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How to use
The following is the workflow chart of Advanced PDF Tools. For more details, please check manual.
VeryDOC Advanced PDF Tools
What can VeryDOC Advanced PDF Tools do for you?

Edit PDF Information—by this software, you can edit basic information: title, subject, author, keywords, create date, modify date, creator and producer. When editing those elements, you do not need to open PDF documents and you can edit those elements in batch.

Edit PDF Open Action—by this software, you can edit PDF basic open actions: the start page, bookmark, full screen, user interface action and Window options. When editing them just like fill some blanks, so it can be done in a few seconds.

Edit Page—by it, you can rotate PDF page in all degrees, change PDF file size, set page scale degree, change PDF file margins and choose page range. This function also can be done in batch.

Optimize PDF—this software cannot optimize PDF professionally but it can cater to your basic needs. Say you can optimize PDF through removing metadata, JavaScript, embedded thumbnails, all comments, all the embedded files, all form actions, data stream and others.

Compress Image—it can help you compress image file through compressing image files. Compression can be done by this software through two aspects: degrade image quality or reduce image size. And you can compress image according to its property: color, gray or monochrome.

Export source XML metadata from PDF

Import XML metadata to PDF

Feature List of VeryDOC Advanced PDF Tools
  • Support all PDF version.
  • Standalone software, it does not depend on Adobe software.
  • Support batch editing.
  • It can help you to edit and append PDF descriptions including tile, subject, author, keywords, created time, modified time, creator and producer.
  • Option to customize PDF file.
  • Allow to you to set PDF OpenAction. You can speicfy which page to display at the first page, hide menu bar or not, initial page magnification, position of PDF viewer window on the screen, and others.
  • Export source XML metadata from PDF.
  • Import XML metadata to PDF.
  • Compress images in PDF file in batch color (Flate, JPEG or JPEG200), gray (Flate or JPEG) or monochrome (Flate or CCITT G4) images.
  • It can help you optimize your PDF file by removing metadata, Java script, thumbnails, etc. for fast uploading or reading.
  • Adjust PDF size, margins and others.
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