What is difference between vector and raster EMF files? can your PowerPoint Converter create vector EMF files?

First,we should know the difference between vector and raster.

1.What is raster?

Raster graphics is also known as bitmap graphics, we always call a raster graphics as an image which is made from many pixels.

Each of the pixel has a color of itself.When you zoom in a raster image,every pixel becomes clear as a square.Of course,the quality of the image become lower and lower because the edge of the image is not smooth any more.

2.What is vector?

When we draw a vector graphic,the software we use will create it basing on some date,but not pixels.So let’s be clear,the vector graphic is scalable.We can create a vector logo so that we can zoom in or out it freely when we use.

VeryDOC PowerPoint Converter v3.0 can convert ppt to emf files.But after conversion, the file will only be vector file.


                              original  size


                              vector graphic

We can see there is no quality losing in the conversion of ppt to emf.You can do some tables or simple graphic by using vector graphic.

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