What are reconstruction modes in your PDF To word application? Which mode should I choose when I convert?

Thanks for your support, If you want to know the reconstruction mood about VeryDOC PDF to Word Converter, we’d better know from the interface of this software. As to which mode should you choose depending on your requirement for the newly produced word document.


  • It has two menu options about the output file formats. “Output Options” is about the newly produced word document content. If you want to keep its original images, pictures, graphic, text and layout, please choose “Original Layout”. If you want to discard all the pictures and images, please choose “Text Only”. As to the “Output Formats”, you  have two choices here: keep it in doc or keep it in rtf. 

     What is the difference between doc and rtf? The Rich Text Format (RTF) Specification provides a format for text and graphics interchange that can be used with different output devices, operating environments, and operating systems. RTF uses the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), PC-8, Macintosh, or IBM PC character set to control the representation and formatting of a document, both on the screen and in print. With the RTF Specification, documents created under different operating systems and with different software applications can be transferred between those operating systems and applications. The DOC format is native to Microsoft Office Word, but other word processors, such as Open Office.org Writer, IBM Lotus Symphony, Google Docs, Apple Pages and Abi Word, can create and read .doc files, although with some limitations.

  In a word, rtf files can be read by different word processors, so if you want to send a document to someone and you don't know which word processor they use,it's easiest to send it as an .rtf file. Most word processors can open RTF whereas they cannot
convert DOC format. Sometimes certain features are not converted well but usually the result is usable with relatively minor touch-ups to the formatting. Sometimes the result is not good with complex documents.

The best way is that having a try by yourself  and compare the two formats then you will know which one do you need.

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