We would like to analyze .spl file and display the print job information, such as paper size, number of pages, print volume in color or B/W

Hello. We are a MFP rental company in Taiwan.

We would like to analyze this kind of printing file


Printing languages of PCL and PS frequently required.

We would like to analyze .spl file and display the print job information, such as paper size, number of pages, print volume in color or B/W.

Do you provide this solution?

Your feedback would be much appreciated.

Thank you and Best regards,

Thanks for your message, "Spool File Page Counter SDK" has this function, you may download the trial version of "Spool File Page Counter SDK" from following web page to try, you can use it to read page count, paper size, color information for each page, etc. information from PCL, PS, PDF, SPL, EMF, etc. spool files easily,



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